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Rob Byrne

Editor of The Tab Kent. 21, 2nd year SSPSSR student at Kent Uni. Aspiring writer.

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Kent tuition fees set to rise by £250 per year

Milo Yiannopoulos address to Canterbury Sixth Form cancelled

Milo Yiannopoulos will speak at his old school in Canterbury next week

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Exam and coursework marking could be affected

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They want to avoid victimisation from straight people

Meet the new Sabbs: Ruth Wilkinson

She’s the new VP Activities

Meet the new Sabbs: Dave Cocozza

He’s your new VP (Education)

250ft Margaret Thatcher statue given the go ahead by Kent Union

The statue will indeed be 250ft

Kent Union election results

The most unpredictable in years

Six out of 10 students won’t vote in SU elections, according to poll

Are you voting?

Why Kent should have been your first choice

We’ll always be number one

Hundreds of Kent students march in solidarity with Muslims

They marched in response to Britain First’s protest last week

Busted: Kent students most likely to cheat in exams and coursework

Almost 2,000 of us have been caught red-handed