Suzanne Burlton
Suzanne Burlton

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

SUZANNE BURLTON notices the powerful but not obnoxious odour of veracity.

4.48 Psychosis

SUZANNE BURLTON: ‘When I see Sarah Kane, I want to be covered in pig’s blood or deafened by the screams of a thousand damned souls. And I left untouched.’

Myths and Legends

SUZANNE BURLTON debunks some of the most famous Cambridge tall tales in circulation.

Interrailing Made Easy

SUZANNE BURLTON offers her Interrailing pearls of wisdom, minimising the organisation you need to do independently.

Review: The Man From Stratford

SUZANNE BURLTON: ‘This is not a play. It is, rather, an ill-conceived lecture.’

Review: Canary

SUZANNE BURLTON: ‘a very intriguing play which is well pitched emotionally and managed to address an issue without being overly didactic’.

Review: The Importance of Being Earnest

SUZANNE BURLTON: ‘Was there anything wrong with this?… the production was almost perfectly executed.’

Review: Comedy Baby

SUZANNE BURLTON: ‘The most important question when grading comedy is whether or not one laughed and I did.’

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW and Review: Witness For The Prosecution

SUZANNE BURLTON talks to Robert Duncan, star of this ‘beautifully executed production’ about his career in the theatre.

Review: Alice in Wonderland

SUZANNE BURLTON: ‘this was like seeing a school play – but a good one.’