Natalie Aminoff
Natalie Aminoff
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Southampton’s most eligible bachelorette: HEAT ONE

Roll up

Sending nudes to your best gal pals is better than sending them to any boy

They’ll big you up no matter what

Southampton’s most eligible bachelor: HEAT ONE

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You can get free entry to Jesters on Thursday night if you like the Soton Tab page

You know you want to

Jailbreak 2017 team en route to DUBAI

They are on track to win

Jesters are doing tequila omlettes and I am disgusted yet intrigued

An egcellent idea

Nominate Southampton’s most eligible bachelor or bachelorette

Nominate yourself if you’re feeling frisky

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RIP Susu the Cat

May she rest in bountiful tuna and milk

Weird things all Soton students do which are again, just very weird

Why are we like this

You don’t have to drink to enjoy first year

You can banter without the bev

The ‘Rat Man’ has been acquitted in Southampton Crown Court

He’s been accused of attacking a researcher from uni, bizarre

Stop saying ‘nice guys finish last’, she just doesn’t like you

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