Lottie Tiplady-Bishop
Lottie Tiplady-Bishop
Manchester Editor of The tab

Someone has covered the graffiti swastikas by Fallowfield Sainsbury’s with black spray paint

They have ‘scribbled out’ the vile graffiti and written ‘do not’

Going to Sin and Bushwackers in Worcester is the most tragic night out, but we can’t resist it

Freshen up your poonani

Someone has graffitied swastikas on the walls outside Fallowfield Sainsbury’s

There are three red swastikas visible from the Sainsbury’s car park

It’s official: Alex Burke is Manchester’s most eligible bachelor

Your king has been crowned with 4,733 votes

Bow down, Manchester: Florence Rowson-Stevens is The Tab Manchester’s most eligible bachelorette

Your kween has been crowned with 2,843 votes

FSG is starting a ‘funniest comment of the month’ competition

Arm yourselves with your best memes

UoM now has a cocktail society

They’ve shortened it to cock-soc lol

Somebody posted about their student house’s cat on FSG and now everyone is claiming she’s theirs


The Parklife lineup has been leaked early and we’ve got it here for you to feast your eyes on

As you were LG x

The Tab Manchester’s most eligible bachelor: THE FINAL

How can you possibly choose?

The Tab Manchester’s most eligible bachelorette: THE FINAL

Damnnnnnnn all these beautiful girls

Someone has written ‘A SUCKS’ in human poo in an OP fresher’s shower

The phantom pooer has struck again

You can get up to 90 per cent off food in Manchester today

Dinner out anyone???

2017: The year that everyone started pooing all over Fallowfield

Holy shit, it’s an epidemic

Font are giving away free prosecco all day today

It’s Fridaaaaaaaay

Love for the Streets are holding an LGBTQ+ and women in homelessness conference tomorrow

They’re two groups who are often neglected when addressing homelessness

Vote for Manchester’s most eligible bachelorette: heat one

All the single ladies

Vote for Manchester’s most eligible bachelor: heat one

Doin’ it for the boooooys

Fallow Cafe are now closing early on weeknights

No more nightcaps at Fallow

Nominations are now open for The Tab Manchester’s most eligible bachelor and bachelorette

Yes, you can nominate yourself

An open letter to people who speak in the library

I can hear you “whispering”