Katie Way
Katie Way
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USA Swimming covered up years of sexual abuse by hundreds of coaches and officials

They’ve spent millions in legal fees

There’s a ‘Blac Chyna Challenge’ taking over Twitter, but it’s literally just sucking dick


Owners of the real American Horror Story murder house say living there has become a waking nightmare

I hate y’all

We debunked those claims that white people are being violently attacked at Black Panther showings

Print this out and give it to your grandpa

This creep messaged a girl’s MOTHER on Facebook because she ignored him

‘What kind of flowers does she like?’

Nelly’s been hit with a new sexual assault allegation and criminal investigation

This incident took place AFTER the one in Seattle

This girl totally fucked up her Valentines Day and I honestly feel so sorry for her

I’m crying hot tears of pity

Glossier and Drunk Elephant are fighting in Instagram post comments, and I’m LIVING for this drama


27 tweets from Chloe Kim that will make you realize she’s just like you, only way cooler

I love my dog-loving queen!

This white rapper just released a music video so woke, it ended racism forever

You can’t be racist if you’ve never owned a slave, duuuh

‘She wanted to die on her knees’: A man accused of murdering a teenage girl says she hired him to do it

She put an ad out on Craigslist, he says

What’s the age difference between Tyga and Kylie?

How old is Tyga exactly?

This idiot broke up with a woman because he thought her cancer was contagious…

Male stupidity is TRULY boundless

Here’s how to watch someone’s Instagram story without them seeing you’ve seen it

Up your social media creep game

A Northwestern professor has been accused of sexual harassment and ‘predatory behavior’

Ten women signed an open letter detailing the alleged sexual misconduct

For the love of all that is holy, please do not make the ‘Stovetop Challenge’ a thing


Molly McLaren did everything to report her stalker ex. So how did he stab her 75 times?

She did everything ‘right’

Watch Chris Crocker talk about his ‘white guilt’ and tell me he’s not our new woke king

He was right about Britney, too!

What the fuck is Taylor Swift planning to do with her new MegaHouse?

Singer, songwriter, real estate mogul?