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Karla Pichardo
Features Editor of The Tab Edinburgh

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Police launch investigation after robbery at Doctor’s Pub

A four-figure sum of cash has apparently gone missing

Clubbers of the Week

It’s getting colder but you all stay hot to trot

Expensive, douchey and inaccessible: Why does anyone like Vineyard Vines?

Nice whale printed pastel chubbies lol

Nominations now open for Edinburgh’s BNOC of the year 2017

Anyone you know a BNOC? Nominate them now!

UberEATS has arrived in Edinburgh

As if you needed another excuse to “work from home”

Singles of the Week: Edinburgh’s spring fresh sweethearts

Spring is here! Why not turn a new leaf and direct your attention towards some of Edinburgh’s most eligible…

Clubbers of the Week

#onemoreweek #onemoreweek #onemoreweek

PJs and VKs: I went to Prow and Opal in my pyjamas

I can be your sweet dream, or your fleece-robed nightmare

The nine circles of hell: Edinburgh University edition

Abandon all hope, ye who matriculate

Clubbers of the Week

Valentine’s day is just around the corner, but I know your only true love is The Sesh

I went to a frat party and it gave me a newfound appreciation for Edinburgh’s nightlife

Cowgate > Frat row

Shooting of new Avengers film to begin in Edinburgh next month

Better start adjusting your Tinder settings, Robert Downey Jr and ScarJo are coming to town

How to console your American friends in the wake of the election

Make Americans Smile Again

I tried to find the most tragic drinking establishment for students in Edinburgh

So you didn’t have to

What your Halloween costume says about you

Originality points if it’s Harley Quinn

We spoke to X-Factor contestant and Edinburgh Uni student Caitlyn Vanbeck

Safe to say she’s happy to be back

Last year’s BNOC winner has a bigger mandate than the EUSA president

The people have spoken