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Birmingham fresher gets a VK tattoo after losing a game of odds on

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UoB researcher pleads guilty for committing over 100 acts of online sexual abuse crimes

He is being labelled one of the UK’s worst sex offenders

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UoB graduate’s halls began being ‘demolished’ while she was still living there

Her landlords say it was ‘external work on the neighbouring properties’

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Man like Idris

Legs 11 on Broad Street ‘drugged’ and ‘defrauded’ customers

Up to £90,000 was stolen

UoB students tell us who they’re going to vote for in tomorrows election

The answers were mixed

The Conservatives are unlikely to gain any seats in Birmingham

YouGov reports Tories won’t gain a single seat

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The university can no longer afford to maintain the iconic clock tower

Police raid Birmingham flat linked to Westminster terror attack

The incident took place in Ladywood on Wednesday

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