Jamie Walsh
Jamie Walsh

This guy posted a video “rating” Temple and it’s bad

“You can’t walk a single block without a bum asking you for crack money”

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A Jenna Burleigh memorial appears in Annenberg Hall

‘I want to record Jenna’s presence with her absence’

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PRowl Public Relations celebrates its 10th birthday

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Temple is one of the least happy football fan bases in America

Thanks Matt Rhule.

Millennials are killing sex, beer, and just about everything else apparently

You name it, we’re killin’ it

PSA: Stella the Owl has a boyfriend and you don’t

Back off boys, this owl is off the market and defining relationship goals

VOTE: It’s time to end the debate, is it a pizza pie or tray of pizza?

‘The only people on the planet who call a pizza pie a ‘tray’ are from Scranton. Bottom line. Weirdos.’

Temple’s 10 most notable alumni

We had everyone from Bundy to Toby Flenderson

Temple alum Scott Blumstein wins $8.15 million at World Series of Poker

‘Accounting degree @TempleUnvi should help figure out taxes!’

Urban Dictionary: Temple University edition

We compared Urban Dictionary’s definition to those provided by the university

1,000 students to attend cry session at Littlefield Fountain

Just in time for the new semester

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‘It kind of made me wish I went to Temple instead of Penn State’

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Every day we stray further from God’s light

This Temple alumnus is about to win $1 million from competing in the World Series of Poker

Blumstein could win as much as $8,150,000 in the final round

The Warriors spent $200,000 on champagne for their locker room celebration. Here’s what they could have bought instead

11,717 thirty racks of Natty

Temple gen ed courses that won’t be a waste of time

Classes you will actually want to attend

Is it actually cheaper to live on or off campus? An investigation

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