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There’s absolutely nothing wrong with looking up to Kim Kardashian

I hate Taylor Swift

I’ve known she was trouble since she walked in

Boarding school made me the person I am today

Being away from home since I was 13 made me stronger and more independent

I did half my face with high-end products and half with cheap make-up

I’d probably buy a Too Faced palette over paying my rent to be honest

I tried out the ‘only use highlighter’ make-up challenge

It’s true, it does make you look like a glazed doughnut

I tried omgyes, the website which supposedly helps you have better sex

The feminist ‘call out’ society we live in has gone too far

It’s stopping people from developing their voice

Stop saying Queen Mary is the worst Russell Group uni. We’re so much more

They couldn’t be more wrong

Dropping out of uni to take a gap year was the best thing I ever did

Forcing 18-year-olds to choose what they will do with the rest of the lives is madness

Clubbers of the week: Mid-month Hail Mary Edition

All hail red beer and Queen Mary

A PSA for everyone over 5’5: Please stop calling me small

If I get called short one more time

Queen Mary ranked 41st best university in Europe

We beat Southampton, Birmingham and Leeds

Queen Mary Palestine Solidarity Group has been banned

They hosted a controversial speaker

Everything that has happened and will ever happen at Wednesday night Drapers

Clubbers of the week

Did you get down and dirty in Drapers this week?

Clubbers of the week: Refreshers edition

How much did you miss Drapers?

Mad Drapers socials, tour tales and bitter rivalries: Meet the Queen Mary hockey captains

They drink red beer for breakfast