Holly Sawyer
Holly Sawyer

Bournemouth’s fittest fresher: The female WINNER revealed

They’re all beautiful tbh

Bournemouth’s fittest fresher: The male WINNER revealed

He was miles ahead of the competition

A round up of everything that happened at Bournemouth uni in 2017

We did a LOT

Bournemouth’s fittest freshers: the girls FINAL

This is a very close race

Bournemouth’s fittest fresher: the boys FINAL

They’re all delights

Bournemouth’s fittest fresher: The girls, round one

Get to know your nominees

Bournemouth’s fittest fresher: The boys, round one

You picked them, we listened

Nominations are now open for Bournemouth’s Fittest Freshers 2017/2018

Who gets you wet and wild?

Things I wish I knew as a Bournemouth fresher

Absorb my wisdom

Exclusive: Nearly £1 million was spent on mental health services at Bournemouth University last year

The uni are spending more on students’ well being

BU made nearly £40,000 in library fines alone last year


Here’s what other unis really think about Bournemouth University students

“Media students and sandcastles tbh”

An AUB graduate illustrates for the Great British Bake Off and it is incredible

Pies have never looked so good

BU has a new halls complex which everyone should be really, really jealous of

It puts Dorchester to shame

There’s a meme circulating of a BU promo video and there’s definitely a bottle of vodka in the background

It’s literally on someone’s office desk

A freshers’ guide to BU: The essentials you should remember to pack

Let’s hope the lifts are working when you move in

Here are all the Bournemouth Freshers’ events you should absolutely go to

Obviously Cameo is on the list

Love Island’s Dom is coming to Cameo this Friday as part of a mega tour

And no, Mike won’t be there

An ex BU student has died after a police chase whilst struggling with crystal meth addiction

He had been battling drug issues for years

Bournemouth uni’s International College has Grenfell-style flammable cladding

Plenty of students are expected to move in during September

Bournemouth uni has been awarded a silver ranking from a new government framework

Southampton ain’t got nothing on us