Harry Shukman
Harry Shukman
Special Projects Editor

This guy is running for office – we found his secret posts on a forum for pedophilia

Nathan Larson wants your vote – but he’s also writing online to promote pedophilia

The white freshman who poisoned her black roommate with tampon blood STILL hasn’t apologized to her

‘Brianna Brochu has no remorse’

This woman is taking on the Republican who called Emma González a ‘skinhead lesbian’

Eryn Gilchrist has entered the race against Republican Leslie Gibson

‘Normal white guy’ wants to pay a ‘chill black dude’ to see Black Panther with him because he doesn’t have any black friends

Is he for real

Whatever you do, never give your money to this terrible meme restaurant Kickstarter

They want $350,000!!

No prison time for white freshman who poisoned her black roommate with tampon blood

She won’t even have a criminal record

Why did this college senior help her dad murder her mom?

Karrie Neurauter confessed to second-degree murder

Ed Westwick accused of imprisoning and sexually torturing a woman during a two-day ordeal

He is accused in a lawsuit of being a ‘monstrous serial rapist’

Why does Reddit refuse to ban this pro-rape site that hates women and praises Hitler?

r/Braincels has posts fantasizing about rape and encouraging suicide

This girl reported being sexually assaulted twice at her high school. Her principal told her to ‘toughen up’ and get over it

After her principal refused to discipline her assailants, Katlin Hoffman is speaking out

EXPOSED: We found all of Cameron Dallas’ racist tweets

He sure likes to say the n-word a lot

This Trump-supporting student got so mad when his classmates photoshopped his face onto a cracker that he tried to press charges


Who is Woah Vicky? Instagram star Victoria Waldrip aka Icky Vicky explained

She was recently arrested for assaulting a cop

Abort Mike Pence

He says abortion will end in our generation

This woman stabbed and strangled a teen to death because she wanted to ‘check murder off her bucket list’

She called it ‘euphoric’

Georgetown student plasters hundreds of flyers around campus accusing a classmate of rape

They name the student and say ‘Have you seen this RAPIST’

Health YouTubers are now claiming you can cure any disease just by drinking your own piss

Including HIV, cancer, and broken bones

Remember the thicc wife guy? He’s writing a book

He cannot be stopped

Creeps who call the Florida high school shooter a ‘saint’ are now bragging about stalking girls

One user said he wanted to make girls ‘feel afraid’

Meet Jamie Zhu, the YouTuber who makes his living torturing girls on camera

In one clip, he rips off her clothes in public and covers her in barbecue sauce