Amanda Ross
Amanda Ross

Amanda believes in only three things: love, aliens, and society being on the brink of a full-blown emo revival. It’s still 2007 to her, by which we mean she acts like she’s still in seventh grade. She enjoys tequila, long fights in the comments sections, and FaceTuning her nudes which she will make you look at whether you like it or not.

In defense of the ‘New Year, New Me!’ mindset

I’m an imperfect person who needs to change, OK?

Someone called 911 after getting a shitty haircut, which you’ve probably wanted to do every time you got bangs

Hello yes police I’m sad help

I SPEAK THIS INTO EXISTENCE: 2018 is the year we all get hot

Forget the ‘year of realizing’, this year we realize we’re hot

This girl on Twitter might actually be the most psycho girlfriend alive, and I don’t understand why y’all think it’s cute

I’m actually scared for this man!

Snapchat just saved all your secret nudes and put them in one big end-of-year video

‘It started with karaoke and then I was naked’

I accidentally became a ‘FinDom’, and now men pay me tons of money to be bitchy to them online

You call it sex work, I call it…a calling

The best, weirdest, funniest, pettiest, sluttiest, most important babe moments of 2017

Everything you missed, and some things you didn’t

QUIZ: Which unborn Kardashian fetus are you?

I’m Kylie’s, obviously

You should sleep with at LEAST 25 guys before settling down, and I’ll tell you exactly why

Ideally more, but y’know, whatever

Here’s your final horoscope of 2017 — and we’re going out with a bang

I’m excited/scared for all of us

‘The Office’ is coming back for a new season in 2018 with its original cast

Well, not all of them

Is it just me or did Taylor Swift get a little…thiccer? 👀

My girl eating good

A shark bit the shiiiit out of this girl on her honeymoon while her husband filmed it

It’s so funny, I love her scream

Bella Hadid’s guide to thirst trapping is essential for getting maximum attention online

The key is to be shameless, OK?

What your childhood favorite Disney Princess says about who you are now

Everyone’s favorite was Belle, I don’t know why

This woman looks EXACTLY like Beyoncé and it’s literally the only good celebrity doppleganger I’ve ever seen

Like, I could be fooled by her and I went to the On The Run tour

These teens were arrested for sending Pretty Little Liars-style texts threatening to expose classmates’ secrets

The made an anonymous Snapchat account

Stanford rapist/human garbage Brock Turner is trying to get his sexual assault conviction overturned

Just wait ’til you hear his ‘reasoning’

Yet another dumbass makeup artist did a ‘blackface tutorial’ — but he doesn’t think it’s wrong and refuses to apologize

Who gave these Insta boys the right?!

This is what kind of fuckboy he is based on his star sign

Find out his sign, find out his secrets