Amanda Ross
Amanda Ross

Amanda believes in only three things: love, aliens, and society being on the brink of a full-blown emo revival. It's still 2007 to her, by which we mean she acts like she's still in seventh grade. She enjoys tequila, long fights in the comments sections, and FaceTuning her nudes which she will make you look at whether you like it or not.

Rihanna just cost Snapchat almost a BILLION dollars over that ad debacle

The #RihNavy is here to save the day

‘Cinderella Weight’ is a dangerous new diet trend Twitter is obsessed with, and it’s turned into a full-fledged panic

Yeah, please don’t try this

We pranked our one-night stands for Valentine’s Day and told them we wanted a serious relationship

God, they really hate us

Cardi B is pregnant!

With a Bodak Baby

Everyone’s freaking out over the ‘Lizard Twins’, two brothers catfishing the entire planet

They are not actually lizards, btw

Has Michelle Obama’s portrait painter ever met or even SEEN Michelle Obama before…?

Her new painting doesn’t look like her at all

If you did any of these things as a kid, you’re in jail now

You’re reading this from the jail library, actually

Watch this video of a tiny rat taking a tiny shower, and then forward it to your musty boyfriend

If this rat can bathe, so can y’all

Gather ’round, kids, and let’s gawk at Kim Kardashian’s gravity-defying nipples

God (and her team of doctors) spent some real time on her

Lorde was just disrespected in the most sexist way

She was the only one treated like this

Here are the best (and worst) looks from tonight’s Grammy Awards

Well, there’s only one bad look

This app is like Tinder, but for finding your dream job instead of a bunch of dick pics

Swipe right on success, not mirror pics

In defense of the ‘New Year, New Me!’ mindset

I’m an imperfect person who needs to change, OK?

I SPEAK THIS INTO EXISTENCE: 2018 is the year we all get hot

Forget the ‘year of realizing’, this year we realize we’re hot

This girl on Twitter might actually be the most psycho girlfriend alive, and I don’t understand why y’all think it’s cute

I’m actually scared for this man!

Snapchat just saved all your secret nudes and leaked them into one big nudes gallery

‘It started with karaoke and then I was naked’

I accidentally became a ‘FinDom’, and now men pay me tons of money to be bitchy to them online

You call it sex work, I call it…a calling

The best, weirdest, funniest, pettiest, sluttiest, most important babe moments of 2017

Everything you missed, and some things you didn’t