What where you study says about you as a Uni of York student

If you don’t have a favourite seat, then you probably don’t go to the library enough


As the semester comes to an end, January deadline season is drawing nearer. For most of us, this means less trips to Wednesday Salvos, and more campus study seshes. Everyone has their spot, whether its a specific seat in the Morrell, or maybe you’re more of a campus cafe dweller. Whatever it might be, here’s what your choice of study spot says about you as a Uni of York student.


If you’re studying in Morrell, you’re a creature of comfort. You’ve probably got “your seat” and when someone else is sitting in it, then you’ve got a backup seat in mind. You probably found this seat the first time you went to the library and now it just feels wrong to sit anywhere else. Whether it’s been a couple of months or a couple of years, you still feel proud of yourself when you manage to locate a book in the library.

Top floor Morrell

It’s ok babe, we know you’re not like other Morrell users, you’re a top floor Morrell user.

In other words, you’re serious about the study set up – if it isn’t perfect, the work isn’t getting done. Sure, it may take a while to catch your breath after those three flights of stairs, but once you’re there, you’re in the zone. Basically, you are the lofi study girl. Even though you’ve definitely accidentally played the first five seconds of a Youtube video out loud (and haven’t recovered from the glares you received), nothing is going to make you go back down to Morrell floor one or two.


If Fairhurst is your go to study spot, then you’re constantly trying to remind yourself that you go to “university”, not just “uni”. You thought that you had that study/social life balance down but it’s suddenly getting a bit much. The library seems to be getting a little too close to courtyard.

If you’re in Fairhurst to make use of the kettle and mini kitchen, then you’re honestly finessing life.


People think you’re serious, but you’re actually pretty laid back (that is when everything is under your control) and up for anything (as long as it fits in to your hour by hour schedule). You like to be busy but you often need to recharge your social battery by avoiding social interaction for a good few hours. Your academic weapon altar ego is fully unleashed here, and it’s not always a pretty sight: You will be giving someone the death stare for breathing too loudly.

King’s Manor

Aesthetic > comfort any day.

You’re going to be wearing a stylish outfit even if it means you’re absolutely freezing. You are desperately trying to romanticise your life in order to motivate yourself to start that assignment.

Alcuin Kitchen

Either you rely on background noise to do work (silence is scary) or you open your laptop and suddenly you’ve entered a full-on eavesdropping session. It’s all a rouse just to catch a bit of second hand gossip. If you do actually manage to get any work done, it has to come alongside a little treat. Buy that cappuccino, it’s been a long week.

Anywhere on Campus East

Image via Google Maps

If your go to study place is the Ron Cooke Hub or the Piazza then you probably live on East, why else would you be here? You’re not ready to commit to the library life yet, but you’ve made it out of your room and that’s something. If you’re making use of Ron Cooke hub being open 24/7 then you have a very questionable sleep schedule. Despite always feeling behind, you always manage to hand something in on time (even if you started that 3,000 word essay at 12 pm the night before).

Your room

You’ve probably open and closed the YouTube tab several times in the last hour. You’ve tried setting 20 minute timers on your phone, but as soon as you hear someone entering the kitchen then you decide it’s time for a little break. If you’ve shifted onto your bed, and onto  Sims 4, it’s ok, I mean your work always gets done somehow, right?

If you’re studying in your room because you’re too scared to go into the library, don’t be, you literally don’t have to talk to anyone.

Spring Lane/Berrick Saul Building

You’ve always got a hefty number of tabs open but you know how to navigate them. Somehow you can actually make a 10 minute study sesh productive (even if you’re doing the readings for the seminar you’re waiting to go in to).

A sofa chair

If you always manage to bag a sofa chair, then you really know how to make it your home. You always have study snacks, headphones, probably a highly caffeinated drink, now all you need is the motivation. The next few hours will probably involve at least one power nap and several scrolls through TikTok (it’s fine, no one can see ;)). You may be on the edge of a mental breakdown, but the next day deadline and immense stress is the only thing getting you to work right now. I mean you “work best under pressure”. Right??

A study pod

If you study in one of these glass boxes, or book out a study pod, you’re actually built different. You’ve got your life under control, you’ve got notes on all your lectures and you probably used to own a pack of Mildliner highlighters in secondary school. The top song on your Spotify Wrapped was probably a 10 hour recording of brown noise.

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