Here’s which York college each Hunger Games district would be

Rumour has it Halifax used to be called District 12


The new addition to the Hunger Games landed in cinemas last week, The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes. In true Hunger Games fashion, it’s smashing box office milestones out of the park. Of course, everyone has fallen right back into their 2012 obsession with the dystopian world.

So, what’s better than giving our very own student colleges a district? Here’s which Uni of York college each Hunger Games district would be…

District 1 – Constantine

Image via YouTube

Glimmer is the OG Constantine girlie. District 1’s industry is luxury items, which makes complete sense to be paired with Constantine, the most expensive accommodation on campus. To be honest, Connie students probably wouldn’t get very far in the games… there’s no band four rooms in sight.

District 2 – James

Image via YouTube

No one can argue that James College is District 2. This picture might as well have been taken outside of the sports centre. District 2 is known for its weapons, combat, and ruthless tributes (sounds like the Roses tournament back in April). If any college was to win the Hunger Games, it would be James.

District 3 – David Kato

Image via YouTube

District 3 is the industry of technology, which has to be David Kato. The new college puts others to shame in the tech department – the entrance itself is lit up like Piccadilly Circus. Kato students would get pretty far in the games, but eventually get taken out by James.

District 4 – Derwent

Image via YouTube

District 4’s fishing industry or the lake by Derwent? Same thing. Derwent students would be pretty strong contenders – I mean, the brutalist architecture could be an arena in itself. Scary. Everyone knows that Finnick would love Derwent, and Derwent loves Finnick x

District 5 – Langwith

Image via YouTube

The district responsible for power and electricity goes to Langwith, simply because of the Glasshouse. Having East’s only student bar right in the middle of the college has to be racking up those electricity bills. Plus, Foxface is just giving Langwith vibes – you know she’s there, but it’s all just a bit mysterious.

District 6 – Anne Lister

District 6’s industry is transportation. Every Campus East student knows and hates that long path to West, right next to Anne Lister. If Lister students were tributes, they’d most likely just run around in cute outfits and accidentally eat poisonous berries.

District 7 – Alcuin

Image via YouTube

A literal scene of Alcuin students when there’s a power cut. District 7 is known for being surrounded by trees, something Alcuin can relate to. Right by the woods and the library, Alcuin tributes would have both survival instincts and intelligence – definitely a force to be reckoned with.

District 8 – Vanbrugh

District 8 is all about textiles, something pretty similar to Vanbrugh’s reputation for creative students. Arts and creativity are at the heart of the college, and we think Vanbrugh students could easily design some capitol costumes. As for the games, I wouldn’t get your hopes up…

District 11 – Goodricke

Image via YouTube

Apparently everyone forgets about Goodricke, but as one of the first colleges to be established, it does carry a strong sense of community – a lot like District 11. With the huge field right behind Goodricke, 11’s agriculture industry just fits the vibes. To be honest, Goodricke tributes are getting taken out by Derwent straight away, sorry.

District 12 – Halifax

Image via YouTube

Iconic. Halifax is so District 12 – it’s the furthest away & has a load of main characters. Katniss and Peeta would thrive in Halifax accom, the star crossed lovers of Heslington. There’s 100 per cent some Halifax students that arrive to lectures like this. Just remember to watch out for Halifax’s Gale.

The Capitol – Wentworth

Image via YouTube

This is how postgrad students watch us undergrads – we’re truly embarrassing.

Featured image via YouTube.

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