Natasha Richardson

Social Media Editor at The York Tab

Natasha Richardson
York University

Student lifestyle, campus culture, city guides, York, pop culture, literature, social media trends, blogging, vox pops

  • Natasha Richardson is Social Media Editor of The York Tab, in which she oversees all social posting, production and engagement
  • Natasha is currently in her second year at university studying English Literature. Her area of expertise at The Tab include student lifestyle, campus culture, guides, and pop culture
  • Natasha aspires to have a career in the publishing industry, with a particular interest in the magazine industry. Natasha has a strong passion for writing, editing, and all things social media. She has plenty experience in social media management, blogging, and brand advertisement


Natasha Richardson joined The York Tab in 2022 as a student writer during her first year at university. She later joined the editorial team in 2023 as Social Media Editor


Natasha Richardson attended Winstanley College to study English Literature, History, and Media Studies. She went on to study English Literature at the University of York, and is currently in her second year.


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