All the reasons why Windsor is the best halls at Reading

Bet you wished you lived here

Ah, Windsor. You’ve been my home now for a term and a half, and I can honestly say that I have treasured every single minute I have spent within your walls. To others, you may seem cheap and small, specially if you live in Childs, but to me you are just right.

Here are just a few of the reasons why I think that you, Windsor, are the best halls at Reading.

The people

Windsor has the best people, fact. It doesn’t matter what flat you’re in, you all get on with each other. Whether it’s going into other people’s flats for pres or whatever, people in Windsor are easy to live with. I don’t think anybody in my flat is a tosser, nor anybody I’ve met in the entire halls, especially when they’re drunk.

Park Bar 

We may not appreciate you when we’ve got a 9am the next day, but you are pretty entertaining. You don’t mind too much being woken up by a couple of people who are mortal kicking off at each other, but not much else. The food may not be the best, but at least it’s close and they always have the footy on.

The rooms 

The idea of something being so bad that it’s good must be fully considered here. The beds may be a bit uncomfortable, my windowsill is a bit green and my window may not shut all the way up, but the rooms have character. At least that’s what we tell ourselves.


Getting offered free money 

No hot water you say? Have 25 quid. Well, apparently. The shower may have been cold for 15 minutes once, but as far as I can see UPP are giving me money for nothing, so cheers lads. Hot water isn’t even that important anyway, is it?

The lift

I haven’t yet had the fortune to be stuck in Windsors lift, but it does seem exciting. A couple of my flat-mates said it was quite exciting, and it got Windsor in the Paper!


Fire alarms

Okay maybe I don’t love this one that much, but seeing the fire engine can be pretty cool? Also it’s a nice time for all of Windsor to come together and have a chat. Except it’s at three in the morning.

The kitchen 

Even though we don’t have to cook, the kitchen is of great significance to a Windsorite. Whether it’s cooking minging noodles post matchy-B, or playing a horribly awkward game of Ring of Fire on the first night of Freshers’, the kitchen is the closest Windsor gets to a communal space, without having to destroy your spine sitting in the corridor.

Some say the kitchen is the heart of the home


No matter what halls you’re in, Freshers’ was good. But Freshers’ in Windsor was super, extra gr8. Sitting in the corridor on the very first night may not have seemed much fun at the time, but by the time Freshers’ finished, holy heck. Turns out getting drunk genuinely is the best way to make new friends, especially in Windsor.

Cheap and cheerful

This is what it all comes down to. It may not be the newest, the smartest or indeed nicest; but it’s pretty cheap. I’m glad I don’t have to try and cook for myself, so paying 60 quid a week for food is better than potentially having a coronary from eating Uni Grill every day of the week, rather than just two or three days a week.

Think what you want about Windsor. You might call it pov, I would call it edgy. You might call it small, I would call it cosy. You might call it ugly, I might say yeah actually you’re completely right. But this is why I love Windsor.

It’s like supporting a shit sports team. They may not be the best, they may not have the best players; but you love them. Windsor does have its flaws, but I, as I’m sure everyone else who lives in Windsor does, wouldn’t get rid of these for anything; because Windsor just is the best halls at Reading.