Police were called to break up a ‘large fight’ on the street outside Liquid at 3am

An 18-year-old man was hospitalised and a 21-year-old arrested for GBH

Swarms of police descended on what is believed to have been a fight on Stanhope Road at 3am this morning, with two police vans blocking access to the roads.

Witnesses stated that up to six people were involved in this incident, with one unnamed 18-year-old male taken to Queen Alexandra hospital located in Cosham. The 18-year-old has been treated for head injuries.

It is thought that a fight broke out on Stanhope Roadand one person, aged 21, has been arrested for GBH and currently remains in custody.

A member of staff from Liquid confirmed there was a fight, but unfortunately doesn’t know any further details of what happened.

However, someone attached to the event management has reportedly said there wasn’t in fact a fight, and that the incident has been “taken out of context”. They refused to give any information about what actually happened. Liquid management is yet to release any information on last night’s events.

Another person connected to Liquid has said that it wasn’t a fight at all and that the video is unconnected.

Police have said if anyone with any information regarding the fight last night is required to call 101, quoting 44170109415.