I asked my mum what she thought about me being a Dirty Disco girl

My mum shares all my promo posts on Facebook

After the Daily Mail published an article rhetorically asking their readers just what the Dirty Disco girls parents would say, referring to their infamous slogan ‘Don’t tell Daddy,’ Jennifer Perry told The Tab: “In regards to their ‘daddies’, they should be proud that they have raised self-sufficient women that are confident in their own skin.”

I have been working as a Dirty Disco hostess since September and before I accepted the job I automatically text my parents and asked for their permission. “You do what!?” was the initial response I thought I would get from my parents when I told them about my job as a Dirty Disco girl.

The outfits that the almighty Daily Mail said ‘might cause their fathers some concern’

But it turns out my parents were actually super supportive when it comes to my job.

The Astoria are best known for promoting popular student nights out, cheap drink deals, and their infamous Dirty Disco girls and boys. However, it is important to recognise that working as a Dirty Disco hostess I am not only representing the company, I am also encouraging self-confidence, which is a factor that the public doesn’t appreciate.

Here’s what my mum had to say: “It makes me proud. People are admiring you, plus I know that you’re safe as you are surrounded by security and supported by your work colleagues.

“I also like the idea that you’re working and therefore are contributing to the cost of your accommodation. Improving social skills as you’re meeting new people every week, which will benefit you in your future.”

My mum also shares all the Dirty Disco promo posts on Facebook on a weekly basis, so she’s not only my mum she’s also my number one fan.

I also asked my mum what she thought about the new DD girl uniforms: “I think they’re flattering for all the DD girls. It makes you more body confident which I think is extremely important when you’re young.”

All photo credit: @mat_migas

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