Here’s why Rees Halls is the best halls

Rees Halls Biggie Smalls

Rees Halls, famous for those Southsea sunset beach views and free food. Easy to forget £161 per week price tag that comes with that ‘free’ food. If you’ve agreed to live in Rees Halls though, who cares? Most students come to Portsmouth Uni purely because they want to be by the sea, and Rees Halls is as close as you’re going to get to that sea view life.


If you haven’t got the money to pay for a gym membership, nor the time, Rees Hall stairs are the place to be. With the price included in your rent, it’s almost ideal the lift never works, 6 floors? Easy.



Rees Halls also features a wake up service, but only on Tuesday’s at 11 am. They sometimes provide a surprise wake up service at 3 am; this can be at anytime during the week. I guess its thoughtful that they like to keep everyone notified the fire alarm in fact does still work, so when you finally do get back to sleep you can rest easy knowing you’re not going to die in a fire but of a ruptured ear drum instead.


“So is your halls like school dinners?” Yes, but imagine the food is actually decent. Dinner is served from 4:45pm to 6:45pm, perfect for those early Purple Wednesday pre drinks. No need for a mental breakdown when you can’t find your keys while your fingers blister from shopping bags, it’s all part of the package.



It’s also great that Rees Halls has paper thin walls and floors, if the person in the flat above you gets lucky the back boards of the beds help with a rhythmic routine to help you get into the swing of your morning routine. Thanks guys. Every room also features a double glazed window, this is great for waving at your friend whose room is across the courtyard. Not so great for the accidental peep show you provide for said friend when you get out the shower, who is now chundering in their bin.


Every room in Rees Halls also features a state of the art shower room. Why this room isn’t on George Clarke’s amazing spaces I will never know. It features a wash area, a mirror, a hand towel rail, a toilet and a shower, all in the space of roughly 30cm by 30cm. It is like stepping into Mary Poppins handbag with an IKEA flatpack twist.


Rees Halls is also extremely environmentally and energy saving conscious. Turning on your radiator which takes 10 minutes to heat up, provides you with heat for a solid 2 minutes. This is really good because you only really need to be warm for 2 minute intervals at a time.



I also love that Rees Halls has a code on the front door. After stumbling home with a bag of pure raw chicken from Ken’s, I barely remember my own name let alone a four digit code. After working out the four digits which at the time seems like it is on par with the Da Vinci code, Rees Halls feels like home.

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