Meet the Dirty Disco boys

Don’t tell mummy?

After the stir caused by the Dirty Disco girls, The Astoria has decided to welcome Dirty Disco boys back to its infamous Tuesday student night out. Along with the DD girls, the boys will now be promoting the event, taking photos with students and just being generally really good looking.

Their uniform will consist of black jeans, black shoes and no top and they will be making their debut at the launch party tonight.

Luke Gaiger, 21, mechanical engineering


Luke is currently in his third year at Portsmouth university after having completed a placement year.

He told The Tab: “I haven’t worked as either a promoter or had a job involving being topless so it’s going to be very new to me, however I’m sure it will be great fun!”

He said he, “hopes people will take well to the DD boys, as there’s been just the Dirty Disco girls for quite a while, which attract boys to the night.

“I feel as though there may be a little less criticism of the DD boys, only as the public seem to be quicker to criticism, and girls being ‘objectified’ in comparison to boys. Although I do still feel we may face some criticism from other boys as we will be walking around topless.”


Being hired as a Dirty Disco boy, you’re “gonna have to have a good bod”. Luke trains “five times a week, plus some exercises and weights at home. I’ve trained since secondary school, so it’s definitely been a long-term thing. I’m careful with what I eat.”


In terms of diet, he said: “My parents are always moaning about how I always eat chicken and meat when I go back home at weekends! Recently with going on holiday in the summer and knowing I had a DD audition set up, I’ve been particularly careful with my diet. Although, I did treat myself to a massive kebab as soon as the initial DD audition had taken place!”

Reon Seleman, 22, human physiology


Reon, who is also part of the swimming club, is in his second year at Portsmouth university. He is course rep for Human Physiology, which he stresses is: “basically the human body, not physiotherapy!”

In the past, Reon was an Abercrombie and Fitch model and also features shirtless in an upcoming movie.


With regards to how people will react to the DD boys, Reon told The Tab: “I do think it will be taken well! Sure we will be getting a lot of attention, but we are still nice people who are having fun. It just so happens we are wearing a bit less clothing, which is OUR choice!”


“There may be some criticism at first, instead of just women being sexualised it is now both men and women. There is nothing wrong with the clothes being worn (or not, in some cases), it isn’t offending anyone. If wearing less clothes was a problem, then people would wear a t-shirt whilst going for a swim!”


Reon trains six times a week with high intensity, and also swims six times a week: “I have to eat a load of calories to provide me with the energy, so a lot of carbs, rice, pasta and oats. Good proteins and other macronutrients. I still go out for dinner or have hangover meals, but I just eat in moderation.”


He finishes: “I will bring fun, positive charisma and be very energetic! The whole point of going out is to enjoy yourself… and I will definitely be contributing to that factor!”

Chris Wright, 20, exercise and fitness management

Chris is currently in his second year at Portsmouth University studying Exercise and Fitness Management.


Chris believes the Dirty Disco boys will “get a lot of hate, but I’m prepared for a lot of stick. Most likely from kids that are that are jealous and are in shit shape.”


Chris trains 5 or 6 times a week and is dedicated to eating clean.


Joshua Atillè, 21, Sports Development student. 

Joshua is currently in his second year at the University of Portsmouth. He says: “I think people might be a little judgemental towards the Dirty Disco boys as they have their tops off in a club.”


“I think when time goes on we could come under the same pressure as the DD girls. But, we will have to see, I hope that isn’t the case and people don’t look at it in that sort of way.”


Joshua trains: “on average six times a week, when I’m back home my diet is quite strict but being at University it is so hard so training everyday is essential. My diet at university isn’t too great but not terrible.”


Joshua says he is happy with his uniform: “because if it was speedos I couldn’t have done it. I do feel like black jeans and black shoes will look so much better as you’re just topless.”


“Personally, I just want to bring fun and entertainment for people partying. Bringing my own personality and style to the table is what I want to do.”