Jonathan Bailey ran a half marathon this weekend and raised over £30k for a LGBTQ+ charity

As if being Viscount Bridgerton wasn’t iconic enough, he just smashed Hackney Half too

Bridgerton star Jonathan Bailey was spotted running through London yesterday as he took part in Hackney Half Marathon.

Decked out in a mint green vest, the oldest Bridgerton brother from the series ran the race in support of Just Like Us, a LGBT+ Charity For Young People.

Celebrating crossing the finish line, Jonathan took to Instagram to cheers fans and donators after raising £31,938 of his £25,000 target.

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As one one of 24,000 taking on Hackney Half this year, eagled eyed fans were quick to spot Jonathan running around Hackney, and not only because of his colourful vest. I mean, how does he look so glowy after running a half marathon?

Explaining his decision to run for Just Like Us, Jonathan said that his own experience of receiving homophobic slurs prompted him to help the charity lead the fight to make more kids feel understood, accepted and celebrated.

Writing on Instagram , he said: “LGBT+ kids are twice as likely to be bullied, depressed, anxious and lonely on a daily basis.

“Almost all of them have heard homophobic and transphobic slurs. I know – and maybe you do – how awful that can be.”


Congratulations jonny!! you are brilliant 🎉🌈❤️ Goal of 20k reached in support of @Just Like Us 🎉🎉🎉 #jonathanbailey #jonnybailey #jbayleaf #hesarunnerheatrackstar

♬ original sound – Jonathan Bailey Supremacy

As a supporter of the charity, Jonathan shared his Just Giving Page with fans and followers and asked people to donate: “Just Like Us do the most incredible, vital work with thousands of young LGBTQ+ people in schools. My legs will trot so much faster if you sponsor me and donate to the charity I’m a very proud patron of!”

Celebrating with a lager, Jonathan said he had “loved” the race, despite the heat in London yesterday. Speaking to the camera, he told donaters “we’ve done something really special today”.

If, like me, you can’t seem to get enough of the Bridgerton men despite bingeing the newest season over the weekend, then this might be just enough to tide you over until the rest of the season drops next month.

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Featured image via Instagram @jbayleaf

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