Sefton Park

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Stop complaining about Liverpool: You could live in a rural village

Some don’t even have cash machines

24 hour Paddy’s Day party shut down after boozy brawl in street

Six people were arrested for ‘breach of peace’

Sefton Park is one of top 50 places to live in the country

Get in

508 sex offenders are living in Liverpool

102 out of every 100,000 in the area have been convicted.

Merseyside flasher plays ball with 11 year old schoolgirls

Ghirmay Ykbmichael, has been arrested for exposing himself near Sefton Park

Fiesta Bombarda: a student experience to remember

Are the student events in Liverpool getting a bit too samey? Well, last weekend Fiesta Bombarda broke the mould with a refreshing take on what a Liverpool night should be like.

Police take action as robbers target Sefton students

Police warn residents to stay safe after a spate of burglaries around Sefton Park

Save Sefton!

City Council rule to sell parts of park for new homes. We’re outraged

Liverpool Marathon Runs out of Steam

The route couldn’t be agreed on, so the whole thing has been cancelled. Mature.