We’ll guess how long your 2024 resolutions will last based on your first week back in Lancs

Thoughts and prayers to the people currently crying over deadlines x

January: A time where uni students everywhere announce that they’re going to stay on top of their deadlines and actually start using the gym membership they bought in Freshers’ Week. New Year’s resolutions are made, and then January deadline season hits and the same people who swore they were going to go for a run every day are living off Pot Noodles in the library and crying over the coursework that’s due the next day.

The first week of Lent term is the time when New Year’s resolutions are really put to the test. Coursework makes a lot of people start to realise that the resolutions they made after New Year’s eve shots were not at all realistic. Meanwhile, some people are kicking off term two with a bang; Costa in hand and all of their work turned in before they even step foot on campus. With that in mind, we’ve come up with a quiz where we can guess exactly how long you’ll stick to those pesky 2024 resolutions, based on how well you coped in the first week back – AKA, how many times you slept through your fifth alarm.

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