Which Lancs degree you do will determine which cabin you belong in at Camp Half-Blood

For all those wishing they were running from monsters instead of deadlines x

For many of us, the Percy Jackson series was a childhood staple, and it almost feels like you’ve grown up with the characters. Except, now the show is out on Disney+, and you’re hit with the realisation that you’re no longer the same age as Percy, you’re Luke’s age. Maybe being a Lancs student isn’t as hard, or dangerous, as being a half-blood, but it certainly comes with the same trials (monsters excluded). While we may not vaporise our maths teachers, we (mostly) struggle with our schoolwork, like Percy, and we probably all have a teacher with the same energy as Mr D.

Maybe you did all the Buzzfeed quizzes when you were younger to determine which Greek god would be your parent, but we bet you’ve never had it decided based on your degree scheme. So, here’s your complete guide to which cabin (of the original 12) you’d belong to at Camp Half-Blood, based on your Lancs degree.

Law – Zeus

Law students say they know everything, or at least they exude that energy. We’ve probably all had at least one encounter with a law student who chats your ear off about all the different laws they’ve memorised, and how they want to implement these when they get a job in the Civil Service, or as a famous barrister. This is giving off total Zeus energy.

Sociology – Hera

Hera, as the goddess of women, would love to learn about feminist sociological theories, so sociology students must be in Hera’s cabin. While we must clarify we know no campers actually stay there at Camp Half-Blood, she deserves a respectful mention.

Biology – Poseidon

Lancaster, disappointingly, doesn’t offer a marine biology degree, so this is the next best thing. Percy would love learning about all the different fish and aquatic life, and would probably go on to do a marine biology master’s.

Environmental science – Demeter

LEC students dream of saving the world from climate change, and we think Demeter would be behind this. It’s pretty self-explanatory, really.

Sport science – Ares

While you may not be throwing javelins to kill monsters, sport science students definitely belong in Ares’ cabin. You spend half your day at the gym, and the other half doing a team sport. You 100 per cent scare the rest of us because we wish we could be you.

Architecture – Athena

This one seems pretty obvious. With iconic structures like The Parthenon dedicated to Athena, how could architecture students belong to any other cabin? You’re creative, dedicated and determined, just like Annabeth Chase.

English literature and creative writing – Apollo

As the Greek god of poetry, English lit students have to belong to Apollo’s cabin. I’ve never met an English lit student who doesn’t have a folder of their poetry in their notes, and honestly, Apollo would love that. You’re waiting for the day you finally meet your one true love so you can write them the most romantic poetry known to man.

Management – Hermes

Hermes, a jack of all trades, definitely would be a Management student, so consider the Management School as Cabin 11. Business is probably one of the most versatile degrees, with many students choosing it because you’ve got no clue what else you want to do. You most likely had your fair share of “what will you do with that degree?” questions across the dinner table this Christmas, and we don’t envy you for that.

History – Artemis

Lancaster doesn’t offer a hunting degree, but history students give definite Artemis vibes. Maybe you’ll just have to hone your archery skills in the archery society.

Engineering – Hephaestus

What do engineering students do? Make robots? This is something beyond my understanding, which makes them perfect for Hephaestus’ cabin.

Politics – Dionysus

Campers of Cabin 12 give the same energy as politics students, with their debating and strong opinions. Much like Mr D, you are craving a drink to deal with all the problems your degree makes you face.

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