Plan a Christmas day on Lancs campus and we’ll tell you which frazzled Englishwoman you are

If only being frazzled meant looking like Emma Thompson irl

The frazzled Englishwoman: She’s messy but stylish, she’s hard-working and funny, and her love life is in pieces. As Christmas rolls around and we all break out the festive films, you’re bound to see one of these frazzled ladies pop up. Think any one of the female characters in Love Actually, or Bridget Jones in Bridget Jones’s Diary (not technically a Christmas film, but wintery vibes all the same).

The frazzled Englishwoman exudes cosy vibes and never fails to have her rom-com moment, and let’s be honest, isn’t that what all Lancs students want? Don’t you want to be running to your lecture in Management with your Greggs’ coffee, and clumsily bump into the love of your life? Or toss your messy hair up in the library and make eye contact with a young Hugh Grant lookalike? Yes, this is one of the more niche sub-genres of characters, but if you’re desperate to see which one you are, tell us about your festive day on campus.

Featured images via StudioCanal and Columbia Pictures.

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