Love Island All Stars: How would each college act in Casa Amor?

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It’s finally the time for Love Island to make an appearance again, and the well anticipated Love Island All Stars is underway. It’s only a matter of time until half of the Love Island cast are whisked away to the dreaded Casa Amor, for the ultimate relationship test where singletons are brought into another villa to try and turn the heads of the OG cast causing trust issues, chaos and making quality entertainment.

Every season, Casa Amor brings the drama, twists and temptations, but how would you act in Casa Amor, based on your college?

Cartmel – the adventurous one

Cartmel is known to be the poshest college on campus with it having the most expensive accommodation and it also being the furthest away from the hustle and bustle of main campus, so Cartmelians are always up for an adventure with the trek to get to lectures. In Casa Amor, Cartmel wouldn’t be afraid to get to know and have a chat with all of the singletons in the villa and not be afraid to show their adventurous side. Ultimately, when it comes to the re-coupling, they would stick to what they know and stay in the couple they were already in after exploring their other options.

County – the player

County would absolutely not be afraid to crack on with somebody else in Casa Amor, they would pull everyone for a chat and have no issue if their head got turned. They would lead on loads of people in the villa with their charm and when it came to the re-coupling they would not know who to pick! Ultimately, they would definitely choose somebody new from Casa Amor to bring back to the main villa. Classic county, not being able to put all their eggs in one basket!

Bowland – the centre of attention

Bowland is at the heart of campus as well as being pretty popular. Bowland would have to be the centre of attention in Casa Amor but would be one of the viewers favourites. Bowland would have the hearts of the viewers, but would not be afraid to stir the drama. During Casa Amor, they would not be afraid to pull people for a chat and at the re-coupling they would absolutely choose somebody new to bring back to the main villa shocking the other islanders!

Pendle – the wholesome one

Pendle like to live a simple life, they are located at a decent distance from the main part of campus and have the best of both worlds by not having too far to walk to lectures and being a bit out of the way for some peace and quiet. In Casa Amor, Pendle would not want to cause any drama and would be in a “loved-up” couple right from the start. They would be respectful and sleep outside until they are re-united with their other half in the main villa.

Lonsdale – the grudge-holder

Lonsdale are in Casa Amor for revenge. They wouldn’t forget all of the past mistakes of their current partner and would use Casa Amor to get their payback. Lonsdale would bring somebody new back to the villa, not because they found love, but to mug them off.

Grizedale – the ‘partygoer’

Grizedale would not be afraid to step on anybody toes and would graft to find the right person for them. Casa Amor would be their long-awaited opportunity to go crazy and they would treat it like a party holiday. Grizedale would forget about their original couple in the main villa and find somebody new in Casa Amor to take back.

Furness – the loyal one

Furness would stay loyal to their couple and they would basically be married from day one in the villa. In Casa Amor, they wouldn’t be interested in talking to anybody new and would be sat waiting until they return to the main villa to be reunited with their original couple.

Fylde – the gym bunny

Fylde lives their life surrounded by sports, and in Casa Amor, they would completely forget about the love aspect and treat it as a training camp by going to the gym every day until they’re back at the main villa. Fylde would have no intention of cracking on with somebody as their main priority is to keep up with their sporty lifestyle.

Graduate – the boring one

Graduate is the most boring college (let’s be honest, sorry Grad), so in Casa Amor nobody would catch their eye and would return to the main villa single, back to their friendship couple. The lack of adventure would mean they’re closed off to anything new and they are borderline too old to be on Love Island in the first place.

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