If you have these Lancs habits you would be a professional traitor

When we say a good traitor, we aren’t talking about Paul

The recent hit BBC TV show The Traitors has been extremely popular recently, with all of its twists and turns leaving us on the edge of our seats. From the eerie castle to the grimy dungeon to the infamous round table, this TV show has us all hooked. The secrets and the back-stabbing prevent both the faithful us viewers from ever knowing what could happen next. But trust us as we provide you with a top seven list of Lancs habits that would make you a perfect traitor.

Sitting on B Floor in the library

Location, location, location. To be a perfect traitor you must know how to blend in but also stand out amongst your peers. Those of you who sit on B floor know how to achieve this perfectly. Building relationships with those around you but also knowing how to stand on your own and keep cards close to your chest.

Being on time for lectures

Lancaster’s campus is huge which can make getting to lectures, especially if you are from Lonsdale or Cartmel, challenging. If you are organised and know how to manage your time perfectly, then you absolutely deserve to wear the cloak. A perfect traitor knows how to plan removing a faithful discretely so time is a necessity. So no dawdling off to Sultans if you want to be a traitor.

Patience in the Greggs queue

As we all know waiting in the Greggs queue is dull and boring as you have places to be and people to see, and as a traitor, you have people to eliminate. Patience is key. As a traitor, you need to know how to plant those seeds in order to remain anonymous but also complete your role to the best of your ability. Although waiting for that final sausage roll is challenging, the outcome can be successful and incredible, if it is executed well.

Taking the Sugarbus

For those of you who go on nights out, we all know the challenges of first year and getting on the sugarbus back to campus at the time of our choosing. A perfect traitor will ensure they are online immediately so they can secure their sugarbus ticket with no stress or worry. Although some of your mates may question why you are securing your ticket so in advance, you know that you will sleep easy (even without a shield).

Preparation for food shops

The perfect traitor must know how to focus on key elements without getting easily distracted along the way. If you ensure to bring food bags along with you, and a list of what you want from the shop, then you are not only making sure no money is wasted, but you are also making yourself the best traitor. No time can be wasted wandering around the aisles considering what to purchase as you will only make yourself suspicious. You must be as assertive as the Fylde ducks seeking their food.

College spirit

A traitor must know how to work well amongst the faithfuls during the challenges so they can not be discovered. If you have a lot of college spirit then you might just be an ideal traitor. Rooting for your college to succeed whilst simultaneously keeping calm and composed is the perfect combination for being a traitor. Encouraging others to support your college spirit could be the right way to go but make sure you aren’t too persistent otherwise you might just be banished from your group chat.

Organised with your readings

The final, but also vital, role of the traitor is making sure you are up to date with all the information, and suspicions, so you can prevent you or your fellow traitor’s names from being brought up at the round table. By completing all of the readings, and not being tempted to just go for a cocktail at Grizedale, you will know exactly what the plans are. This will only make you look like you are 100 per cent faithful.

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