Applications to join The Lancaster Tab’s editorial team are now OPEN

Applications are open between 5th and 15th April

The Lancaster Tab has thousands of readers each month and is the main source of news for students studying at the university. We are currently looking to appoint a new editorial team for next year and are looking for a team of creative and driven individuals to lead the group.

We are run by students at Lancaster Uni who like being the first to break big news stories on campus, to hold the university accountable and write funny and relatable feature stories. We aim to be educational, original and entertaining.

Applications for next year’s editorial team are now open. The positions available are: Editor-in-Chief, News Editor, Features Editor and Social Media Editor.

The deadline for applications is 12pm on Saturday 15th March.

You don’t need to have written for The Lancaster Tab before, but some journalistic experience would definitely help when taking on an editorial role. If you have your own blog or social media page, or have written for other publications in the past and are looking to increase your experience, then you should consider applying to one of the positions below. You’ll have full training and support from experienced editors to help you get settled into the role.


The editor-in-chief is responsible for overseeing every article published by The Lancaster Tab and leading the direction of our coverage.

Day-to-day, this position involves working with the section editors on the team to make sure we are breaking important stories as quickly as possible and publishing entertaining features. You’ll also be running our weekly meetings as well as managing and editing individual writers to make sure our team is as strong as possible.

This role is best suited to someone who is motivated and passionate to represent the views and experiences of Lancaster students. Good time management and communication skills are essential in order to create strong working relationships and ensure effective running of the team.

News Editor

The role of news editor involves finding out all the most shocking scoops on campus.

It will be your responsibility to keep your finger on the pulse, and know a good story when you see one, plus ensure we find all the relevant information to break any news as soon as possible.

You’ll be writing every week and supporting the editor-in-chief by editing news articles by writers.

You will be working on stories like these:

Lancaster Uni cuts hot water and electricity: Life inside the Charles Carter occupation

Car crashes into Vibe nightclub just two days before its grand opening

‘Absolutely not the f**king case’: SU president calls out her officer and calls LUSU ‘sh*t’

Features Editor

As features editor, you will be in charge of writing and editing our feature pieces.

This role allows you to be creative, witty, and opinionated in your writing, so it’s important you know what is relevant, interesting and entertaining for the student population in Lancaster.

You’ll also be working with the editor-in-chief to publish our feature pieces, and liaising with writers when editing their work.

You will be working on stories like these:

A procrastinator’s nightmare: I stayed inside in the library for 24 hours straight

Lancaster’s students: Here’s how to tackle gym anxiety at uni

These Midnights lyrics were literally written about Lancs students 

Social Media Editor

This is a huge growth area for The Lancaster Tab, and we are looking for a passionate and creative individual.

You will need to have an eye for the latest trends, memes and aesthetics, as well as coming up with creative TikTok ideas to help develop our video journalism and grow our audience across different platforms. As social media editor, you will be responsible for managing our various social media channels on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok to help promote our stories and find innovative ways of reaching new readers.

This will include sharing articles, creating insta stories, finding and creating memes, uploading footage of events, and making sure our student audience is always engaged and interacting.

For this role, excellent time management skills are key, as well as being able to communicate promptly and effectively with students and local businesses alike.

This is a great position to go for if you want to see real audience growth, and gain experience in running social media channels (which looks great on your CV).

If you think you have what it takes to fulfil one of these roles, then fill out our application form here.

The deadline for applications is 12pm on Saturday 15th April, and successful applicants will begin their roles after the Easter holidays. 

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