Five tips for Valentine’s Day

Panicking about what to do tonight? DO THESE THINGS

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Single as a pringle? Truly, madly, deeply in love? Whatever your situation, these following five tips are applicable to either!

Everywhere is doing 2-4-1 on food

Couples! – Whether or not you’re looking to go out or stay in, everywhere and their mother are doing Valentines Day deals, or deals in general. So if youre a little strapped for cash, do some googling for vouchers and deals and get to it with your partner!

Singles! – See those awesome deals? Split them with a friend! Surely you’re not the only one not with someone to smooch and be gross with?
And even if you are determined to be alone on this day – feeds two? More like feeds you my amigo. Go nuts!

If you really wanna treat your other half to royalty.

Movie marathons!

Couples! – Movie and television show marathons are the absolute bomb, especially when you have someone to freak out with. Your boyfriend has not seen the Marvel Phase 1 movies? Get him on that! Your girlfriend hasn’t sat with Breaking Bad? Make some popcorn, sit down, and freak out with them – all five seasons are on Netflix and you get a free month, so there’s no excuse.

Singles! – Thought about watching something you haven’t tried yet? Got a friend who has yet to watch the infamous Buffy? Or are you just a little bored? Four words: Free Netflix. A month. Sit, sign up and explore!

It's cheap, easy and it definitely loves you back.

Buy sexy lingerie!

Couples! – I do not have to explain this. At all.

Singles! – I can promise you that clothing stores are already having “Valentines Specials!” on everything – and especially underwear. Treat yourself to a bra that makes your boobs look voluptuous, or a pair of briefs that make your testicles feel like they’re being cupped by a cloud. You’ll thank yourself for it later.

Also makes a good warning for the flatmates!

Ban yourself from social media

Couples! – No one needs to see constant updates on your day – and honestly, you should be spending it with your partner. Switch off the phones, shove the laptops away and spend the day snuggling.

Singles! – Unless it’s tumblr, all you’re going to see today are happy couples being happy – and it’s totally within their rights to be happy and such, but it’s just going to either cringe you out or make you sad. So spare the feelings and spend today doing something else! That movie marathon I mentioned? The 2-4-1’s? The cloud-cupping pants? Get on it. Alternatively, go out and get hammered. Just don’t go on facebook.

Tumblr; always applicable.

Tumblr; always applicable.

Don’t celebrate? Don’t worry then!

This advice is for both of you – Valentines Day is a massive commercialised holiday. If you think it’s stupid, cringey and silly and don’t want to celebrate, then do not feel like you have to! You’ll be saving yourself a lot of money in the long run. Regardless of your status, if you feel like this is just another day and you don’t want to partake – then simply, don’t. Do what you would always do, and have a good day!

The face of "Eh."

The face of “Eh.”