If you’re at Kent, you need to eat at these Canterbury restaurants

Cheap and oh so cheerful

Canterbury is great for a few things.

It’s a beautiful old city and only a stones throw from Paris. It caters well for students, with plenty to do. And there are so many restaurants and eateries here, that if you so wanted, you could literally blow your whole loan on delicious meals.

Not to mention, with the city’s recent addition of Deliveroo, it’s never been easier to treat yo’self to convenient, good food for a small cost.

The Burger Bros.

We ordered a ‘Daddy Burger’ and sweet potato fries.

Hopping onto Deliveroo, we wanted something a bit different. There was a 2-for-1 offer on the ‘Daddy Burger’ from The Burger Bros, a restaurant that operates out of Alberry’s bar in town. Inside was bacon and pulled pork… which, although slightly dry, was pretty good considering the price deal.

The Burger Bros

The Burger Bros.

Ye Olde Beverlie 

We ordered Scampi bites, sweet potato fries and garden peas.

The service is fab, the food is banging and the portions are huge. They even have ‘artisan’ ketchup. The scampi was fresh and Old Bev will even let you swap your tame fries for some sweet potato! Cheeky tip, if you book a table with a Tastecard, it’s 2-for-1. Thank us later!

Old Bev


We ordered a cheeseburger from the cheaper set menu.

It was super lush and presented beautifully. It came with a side of crunchy fries, red onion rings and the best tomato salsa I have ever had. Literally, no idea what was in it, but it was amazing.

The set menu had the option for 2 courses, so naturally we indulged. A buff chocolate brownie drizzled in chocolate sauce with mint ice-cream. L O V E.

Citi Terrace

We ordered the Lamb Chops.

Only £13, it came with a side of sweet potato fries, a fresh baby leaf salad with a balsamic dressing and 4 chargrilled lamb chops. The ambience of the restaurant is chilled and the staff are really lovely. The lamb was beautifully seasoned and cooked well, still pink. Def worth checking out!


We ordered a Banoffee waffle with white chocolate shavings, and it came with vanilla ice-cream.

The waffle was unreal… and the best part is, Kaspa’s do a student discount… So you get 10%! off and leave feeling ridiculously full.

University of Kent