The other #HelloICU

“No more boredom, never be alone because I see you” and the ever-watching eyes: was an Indonesian chatroom with creepy slogans and a strange set up

#HelloICU is back! The annoying emails are coming out and the agonising keenness has has popped up in many of our newsfeeds in recent times: seemingly only used by the Union, its workforce, and Clubs/Societies during Freshers Fair apparently #HelloICU is meant to not be misconstrued or be used by anyone else.

One of them

The other one

The other, stranger one

About that… it turns out HelloIcu is also a now-defunct Indonesian Social Networking Site and Chatroom with some Orwellian overtures about never being alone because the daunting eyes are watching. Always watching.

Always watching...

Always watching

It was originally set up in 2001 by students at  Prasetiya Mulya Business School in 2011 to facilitate meeting and having internet and/or group conversations with other Indonesian children over the internet in a presumably safe environment.


Their commercial, set to the backing of ‘Barbara Streisand’ by contemporary Mozarts Duck Sauce, offers you the opportunity to meet other children and chat over the internet without having to add each other as friends (this is genuinely one of their selling points). There are a number of places you can do so: you can invite people into your chatroom (and customise its interior), the “confrence” room with up to ten other people.

The site has various advantages over its competitors: we can create an avatar ourselves as we want, then we can chat instantly without having to download its software; it – however – doesn’t have the same trimmings as YM chat (me neither).

Don't worry about your Indonesian not being great, it's all in English

Don’t worry if your Indonesian’s not great, it’s all in English. Broken, broken English.

Naturally, the site isn’t meant to be addictive and offers opportunities to study for exams and just chat without the addictive element of gaming according to one critic. Woo studying! It’s like they’re preparing you for hitting the library already.

The site somewhat exploded in the Indonesian Blogosphere back in 2011 after its launch, and Google Chrome will translate it for you into all the rave reviews they got.

The other #HelloICU crew

The other #HelloICU crew are always looking to their left. It’s somewhat disconcerting.

Given that the website is all about people seeing you and that they will always be watching their motto of ‘you’ll never be alone because I see you’ and eyes the Ministry of Love would be proud of are even stranger than the things the Freshers have been saying in their Facebook group.

Probably for the best the website is no longer active then.