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Mumps comes to Hull Uni

It’s the latest millennial fad

Following numerous rumours and posts on Hullfess, the University of Hull has today confirmed that two students have contracted mumps.

The students are now being treated and will not be allowed to attend lectures until the infection has passed.

The Times reported that nearly 400 cases of mumps had been reported between January and late February, also noting that the virus has a tendency to be spread at universities between people aged 19-24 who may not have received the MMR vaccine due to a late 1990s vaccine scare caused by Andrew Wakefield, a British doctor who has since been discredited.

Discussion has been rife that the virus had appeared at the university due to numerous posts on the anonymous Facebook page Hullfess, with this being posted on the 3rd March

#HullFess3363Whoever has given me the mumps, you’re a fucking asshole.

Posted by HullFess on Sunday, March 3, 2019

#HullFess3333Husski spreading mumps round the uni like it’s the plague. DIRTY

Posted by HullFess on Saturday, March 2, 2019

#HullFess3587Hull University – Come for the mumps and clap, stay for the scabies and crabs

Posted by HullFess on Tuesday, March 5, 2019

The University of Hull has noted that "although in most cases symptoms should pass in a week or two without causing any serious damage to a person’s health, there are rare complications that can cause other health problems."

What are the symptoms?

It's most recognisable by the painful swellings at the side of the face under the ears (the parotid glands), giving a person with mumps a distinctive swollen appearance.

Other symptoms of mumps include headaches, joint pain and a high temperature, which may develop a few days before the swelling of the parotid glands.

These symptoms can appear in any order, and not everyone will get all of them. To find out more information about mumps, visit the NHS Choices Website.

If you suspect mumps, contact your GP or call 111 so a diagnosis can be made