There’s no need to insult the intelligence of people who did a foundation year

We’re not stupid

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You’ve spent the entire year being the butt of everyone’s jokes, but now it’s time to tell the rest of the degree snobs foundation year students aren’t dumb. 

It’s a stigma plaguing your life, and fair enough you might not have got the grades you needed first time round, but taking a foundation year isn’t all bad. People automatically presume we’re more stupid than everyone else, but we’re the ones with the last laugh. We have an extra year of binge drinking, partying and dossing, a whole other year before we have to become real adults: we’re basically freshers twice.


Foundation year students are human too

While you’re panicking about your grad job, we’re relaxing, safe in the knowledge we have another 365 days before we have to think about it. And let’s be honest, if you had the opportunity to avoid the graduate world, you’d take it in a heartbeat. Why do so many of you go travelling when you graduate?

By having an extra year at uni, we actually become smarter, and learn more. We’re taught how to write university standard essays and have all the time in the world to practice them, so we don’t spend three years just getting to grips with what the lecturer is actually after. We’ve also got an extra year to suck up to our tutors, getting on their good side and making friends, so we can count on them when it matters most: marking time. And when we complete our foundation year and move onto first year, we’re streets ahead of those unsuspecting freshers, who have absolutely no idea how different a university essay is.


So much extra time boozing and dressing up

We’re pretty much the nerdiest bunch at uni. At least 95 per cent attend every lecture, and because our foundation year actually counts, we enjoy pushing ourselves to prove we have the ability. We came here because most of us didn’t have a choice. Although you may find the foundation Psychologists banging their head against a wall, or drinking into a pit of despair, as a result of the Physics and Chemistry modules, we still complete them – and are better people for it.

Another amazing advantage to having another year is all the extra time to sponge off the government – and who doesn’t want to make the most of that? We’re definitely not thinking about paying it back any time soon: our only real worry is when our next night out is taking place. We have an extra year of loan to spend on alcohol and rubbish we neither want or really need, but we buy it simply because we can.


You can’t sit with us

We also get an extra year to join societies and sports teams, and really throw ourselves into university life. We’re the most popular kids on campus with all the clubs we’re a part of, and we’re always meeting new people from courses across the foundation year. It comes in handy when we have to sit a module from someone else’s topic we don’t really understand. By the time we actually reach our first year, we get to skip the awkward pretending to be friends with everyone. We’ve already got our squad.

We get to be proper freshers twice. Twice as much heavy drinking, dossing, one night stands and pizza – and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Hate all you want, but before you go calling us Dumbo, just think we’re further away from unemployment than you.