Behind bars: Unicom cleaner jailed for robbing student flats

The cleaner really did clean out the rooms

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A Unicom cleaner has been jailed after he was caught red handed with six bin bags crammed with consoles and games. 

Jack Barnes, who worked for Hull Cleaning & Supplies, had access to over 2,000 rooms- and even has a history for burglary.

He used keys to break into rooms on Carrington Avenue and Salisbury Street, and was brazen enough to ask one student directions to a flat where he then raided the room, stocking up on consoles, games and phones.

Barnes, 26, pleaded guilty to two counts of burglary and one count of attempted burglary in August and has been caged for 16 months.

Barnes will be behind bars for 16 months

Barnes will be behind bars for 16 months

Students on Carrington Avenue, Cottingham, were broken into on August 2nd and had several valuable items stolen.

Prosecutor Joanne Jenkins told the court: “When they returned at 4.30pm, they discovered the property had been entered.

“There was no damage, but a Sony Xperia mobile phone, a Nintendo games console and various games had been stolen.

“There was no sign of any forced entry and the only other person to have a key was Unicom, for cleaning purposes.”

The following day, Barnes continued his cleaning charade and broke into flats on Salisbury Street.

Jonathan Hall, who lives in the flats, was woken up at 7am by Barnes trying to get in.

Prosecutor Joanne Jenkins said: : “He was awoken by the sound of someone opening the door and then a key being turned in the lock.

“However the dead bolt lock was so, no one from the outside could get in.”


Barnes was directed to another flat by Hall, who was told Barnes was there to clean the flat.

Jenkins added: “Later, Mr Hall heard what he described as drawers being opened erratically in the flat above him and someone dragging bags down the stairs.

“He then heard a key in his door again.”

Hall confronted Barnes once more, but could smell alcohol on his breath.

When Hall said he was going to report Barnes to the police, Barnes said: “Please don’t, I will lose my job.”

Hall rang Unicom, and when maintenance manager Martyn Wild arrived, Barnes fled.

Gary McMaster, the owner of Hull Cleaning & Supplies, later confirmed Barnes was never instructed to clean the flats on Salisbury Street on the date in question.

Barnes had filled six bin bags with consoles and games and his fingerprints were found on the bags.

He was arrested by police on August 18th and appeared in court at the end of August.