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‘Racist pints’: The Hull Men’s Hockey drinking game where players down pints for being racist

Apparently it’s a way to ‘punish’ racism

Third year Hull Politics exam interrupted for 45 minutes due to fire alarm

People waited and chatted outside before heading back in

This fresher loves the Liberal Democrats so much he got ‘Lib Dem’ shaved into his hair


Hull RAG launches Jailbreak 2017

The 2016 Hull winners managed to get as far as Thailand in just 36 hours

What are the mysterious new sculptures around campus?

“Not only are the sculptures stunning works of art, they also celebrate the common cultural history that Hull and Iceland share”

The full line up for Radio One’s Big Weekend has been released

The sold-out festival has got the city of Hull buzzing with excitement.

Hull University students to lose marks for using gender-specific terms

The move by the Religion department is to promote gender-neutral terminology in academic work

Hull Students to compete against lecturers in BBC Quiz Show

The 3rd Degree will be recorded tomorrow in Middleton Hall

Katy Perry is coming to Hull to headline Radio 1’s Big Weekend

And she is as excited as we are

Women of the World festival comes to Hull

New York, Sydney and…. Hull?

Every stereotype you see on a night out in Hull

‘If it’s dead should we just go Welly?’

The SU to host an Edinburgh Fringe-style festival

It starts in University House

Brassick ceases to exist once more

Bye bye (again)

A definitive list of every type of student you will ever meet

You know who you are

Prince Charles to visit Hull

City of Culture eat your heart out

Nominations for The Tab Hull Power List now open

Do you know someone influential on campus?

Hull in the Top 5 most burgled university cities

There were 610 burglaries near the uni between January and November 2016

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