FXU held a ‘biased’ EU Debate last Friday without any leave campaigners

They couldn’t attract people of a ‘high enough calibre’

On Friday, 20th May there was an EU debate created by the FXU held on Falmouth University, Penryn campus.

There has been some major up roar and complaints from students saying the debate was hugely biased towards the in campaign. The debate featured; Rt Hon David Lidington MP,  Prof Anne Carlisle, Prof Sir Steve Smith, Sarah Newton MP and Sir Graham Watson – all of whom believe we should stay in the EU.


The student union have since replied to these allegations saying that they were not able to attract a “high enough calibre” of leave campaigners for the debate.

This has left some people stunned, as it seems to be directly dismissing the Cornish MP’s “calibre” that have graciously taken their time out to be there.

Another debate is being held tomorrow evening in order for the FXU to try and turn around the allegations that have been made, giving students the chance to talk to members of the leave campaign of a “higher calibre”.

The debate tomorrow features Chairman of the Bow Group, Ben Harris Quinny and two UKIP members, Dr Robert Smith and John Hyslop.