Chester’s Colin Firth: The well groomed gent who carries a cane on campus

It’s not your dad don’t worry

This is the face of the suited legend Jamie Moores wandering around Chester Uni.

Kitted out in top hat, suit and cane, fresher Jamie is well known, but what lies underneath this well dressed chap?

He owns over 50 ties, 12 suits and aspires to be like the one and only Colin Firth.

He brought his first three suits in the last week of college and hasn’t looked back since.

His dearest suit cost him £150 and he owns nothing but this unique formal wear.

He said: “I love brandy. I’ll avoid anywhere that doesn’t sell it.”

His favourite singer is Michael Buble and he enjoys watching his favourite film “The Kingsman Secret Service”.

This fun loving guy told us he loves drama but will avoid any dancing and singing . He added: “I’ve got two left feet and the voice box of a gorilla.”

The drama student works at McDonalds when he’s at home and loves searching the web and refined alcohol.

We asked Jamie what he did to dress up he replied with “I wear a tracksuit.”


His other inspiration is Barney Stinson and he informed us he bases his suits on those worn in “How I met your mother”. His tie inspiration comes from the “Doctor” himself.

Jamie is often recognised for his infamous cane. He told us he bought it in a charity shop, dispelling rumours it was inherited.

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The hat wearing guy walks around campus in his “Doctor Who” gear strutting his stuff as an individual inspiration. For all those doctor who fans we did ask but he does not like fish finger and custard sandwiches.

Cheekily, this groovy individual admitted he owns no night wear and said: “I let it all hang out.”

The aspiring drama teacher buys his smart wear from Greenwoods and Slaters spending as little as possible at a time. If you fancy yourself your own steak eating, sugar avoiding, Colin Firth, Jamie can be found in the Student Union most nights and loves a good old chit chat.