Forget the Cruise Cage, The Bazzalad is the best thing to happen to Chester

Viva la Bazza

Arriving at Chester Uni, the SU is the first stop for drinks. Coming from more of an old man drinking environment, you either drink lager or stout, or be forever stared at with contempt.

Fluorescent and radioactive looking drinks seemed to be the hype, bottles of VK and rainbow coloured shots galore. But you’ll hear a tonne of people ordering something called The Bazzalad – a pink concoction served in the timeless plastic pint glass.

Remember those scenes in the Tom & Jerry cartoons, when Tom would have the devil sat on one shoulder egging him on, while the angelic do-gooder protested otherwise? Well the devil is a craft beer drinker, tempting you to follow the path of the beer bellied old men perching precariously on a bar stool. The angelic side told me to act like a fucking student.

Cheeky Bazza

One Bazzalad later, your fate is sealed – there was no going back now. The Bazzalad was perhaps THE drink to have to get wankered without fear of chunder. Double shot of vodka with a single shot of cherry Sourz, and topped up with lemonade.

The result was essentially an alcoholic CherryAid, but the vodka was so subtly masked that you would end up having five then finding yourself crawling on the floor wondering what the hell just happened.

In the CH1 Student Union bar, their bible (the cocktail list) contained a description of the Bazzalad I can only compare to the Bible’s Genesis.

“The legend of the Bazza is shrouded in mystery. Some say that Bazza was bitten by a deadly snake, only for the snake to spend the next few days in excruciating pain before giving up the ghost and dying. Others say that Bazza, otherwise known as Barry, just accidentally dropped his sourz in his double vodka lemonade as he went to have his shot. Thus creating the Bazzalad.”

The Bazza seems to be the starter drink for most students in the SU, and you can’t blame them. Not only does it go down like water, but it won’t ruin that student loan. Exclusive to the CH1 Bar, you can get it for just £3.15 a pint. Yeah you heard, a PINT.

Some of you are probably thinking that’s a complete rip off for a drink, given Missoula does £2 mixers on a social night, but for Chester that’s a fucking good deal.

The Cocktail Bible

Inspired by the Bazzalad, there’s now five different popular variations, each one looking positively more toxic than the last. With names such as the Bantalad, the Beaverlad, the Badmanlad and the Jonolad, each drink has its own legend behind the name.

Long live the Bazza.

University of Chester