The Best Pubs in Cambridge

Our pub connoisseur tries every overpriced pint in Cambridge so you don’t have to

Wetherspoons founder talks booze and Brexit

‘What we have to do is assert our independence’

Which party knows how to party?

Putting the ‘fun’ in ‘fun-ifestoes’

Now killjoy councillors want to breathalyse us on door of bars and clubs

Is this the end of predrinks?

Tab Tries: Grantchester

One sunny Wednesday, BETH SWORDS, IZI GOODER and IONA LOVERIDGE popped the bubble and braved the outside world.

Why I Miss May Week

NICK HARRIS predicts the top five spots for post-exam frolics…perfect for a dreamy Saturday afternoon.

The Boat Race: Where to Watch

Pubs, scotch eggs and our 81st win: HENRY CHARRINGTON tells you how to enjoy The Boat Race from the starting line to the (hopefully triumphant) finish.

Best Comments: Week Six

Simon Cowell shares his judgement on breakdancing and someone reveals that rowing is really all about rubbing eachother with bovril in this week’s best comments

Next Stop, Chunder!

Cambridge’s pub stop Tube map has had a second print run commissioned, following the popularity of the first prints.

Freshers’ Info: Grab A Pint

ANNA SHEINMAN offers five of the best watering holes for when the college bar gets too depressing/full of people you don’t want to feign interest in any longer.

Pubs of Cambridge #4: The Champion of the Thames

The Tab head for King Street in search of pints. And maybe parties. But not girls.

Pubs of Cambridge #2: The Panton Arms

The second installment in our city tour takes us to the little-known Panton Arms.