Next Stop, Chunder!

Cambridge’s pub stop Tube map has had a second print run commissioned, following the popularity of the first prints.

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A mock Tube map of Cambridge’s pubs has proved so popular that a second edition has been printed.

The initial print run of 1,000 sold out. It was snapped up by both students and locals.

The map plots Cambridge’s many pubs as stops on a tube map, to help the drinkers navigate their way around the city.

The map – titled ‘Pub Stops of Cambridge’ – is just one of a series that includes maps for cities such as Reading, Bath and even a tube map of the world!

Fancy a pint?

The map of Cambridge features 120 pubs in or near the city itself, and the updated map also features the River Cam, University colleges and main open spaces.

The lines on the map are schematic and intended to correspond to roads- perfect for anyone looking for a good pub-crawl route.

All the maps are designed by John Coats, a maths teacher from Sheffield who creates them as a hobby around his job.

“I admit to a bit of cheating with the Cambridge one”, Coats told The Tab. “I made a few visits when I was a student, but Google earth makes these things so much easier.”

Coats is in fact a graduate of Oxford, and the first map he designed was of the ‘other place’.

But Coats confessed, “I think Cambridge is probably one up on Oxford.

“Cambridge is a smaller city and has more pubs per head. My favourite is The Granta.

“It’s not necessarily the best, but it’s where I have the fondest memories.”

Coats’ maps are not the first time someone has taken inspiration from the London Tube map. Artist Simon Patterson created a tube map made up of celebrity’s names called ‘The Great Bear’. Perhaps Coats should call his maps ‘The Great Beer’.

All of Coats’ maps are available to buy at