Cambridge is getting its own Pride Festival

Pride is coming to Cambridge in 2018

Homophobia isn’t dead in Cambridge

‘Oi, gay night’s on Tuesday’

REVIEW: Pity Laughs

Shockingly intimate, brilliantly crafted, whole heartedly funny

Tab Tries: Craigslist

Craigslist is a strange and magical place. Just in time for May Week, have The Tab found the solution to your pathetically bad love life?

News Roundup Week 4: Grindr Creeps, Cultural Appropriation and Magdalene Vomiters

ARMIN SOLIMANI brings you an exciting week of stress induced mania

Tab Tries: Cambridge erotica

One fellow at a central college, who shall remain unnamed, has set aside time to write some of the sauciest literature this side of Fifty Shades of Grey.  

Microagression is everywhere, be it in Cambridge or a psychiatric unit

The realities of intermitting: livestock language follows me wherever I go 

I was a wanna-Bi – and I feel really, really bad about it

I thought I was bi. Turns out I’m not

Being sexually experimented on sucks

Cambridge is a time to explore – but don’t be a dick about it

Cambridge is no backwater for queer people


People who piss me off, part 1: white Cambridge feminists and guys who lie about their race on Grindr

New writer ETIENNE LAURENT speaks out

Why I’ll be watching Germaine Greer at the Union

Despite the fact she’s transphobic, we should still listen to what she has to say

The New Queer

Cambridge’s missing queer scene, and why you no longer have to worry

Seven Deadly Cindies: Wrath

JOE GOODMAN returns to Cindies to talk about that most unpronounceable of sins: Wrath

There’s going to be a church in Cindies

This Sunday, there’ll be a church service. No surprises there. But this service will be in Cindies…

Stop thinking, start doing

OLIVIA FAYE wants us all to stop over-thinking everything, and just get on with it

Not in my name

Cärlchen Jupp might be a big gay, but that doesn’t mean he’s an anarcho-fascist…

Straight man tries Gay Night: A response

Yesterday’s article on being a straight man on a gay night was well-intentioned but offensive, says HANNAH GRAHAM.

Ode to Sir Tom

Tom Daley ‘came out’ today and JOE GOODMAN has something to say about it.

TabTV’s Christmas Ad

TabTV wishes you all a Merry Christmas with our first ever Christmas Ad!