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A ‘Day’ in the life of an Arts Student

It’s not just your essays that lack structure

A Mathmo tries being an arts student

An insight into how the other half live

Arts vs Sciences: Which is the easiest?

Time to settle the question once and for all

Let’s all have a rant about our lectures

Another week, another annoyance for columnist PHOEBE GARGARO

Everything I hate about the Sidgwick Site

Read this even if you’re a NatSci for a dose of Schadenfreude

Tuition Fees are so progressive we should start charging 11 Year Olds to go to school

It’s only fair

SHIT SUBJECT: The Sciences

VOTE NOW: We know, we’ve stretched the definition of ‘Science’ quite far.

You’ll never get Week 5 Blues as Bad as an English Student

The ‘Blues’ intensify into, at least, like a dark navy.

In defence of not going to lectures

It’s not because I’m lazy.

The Week Ahead: Trojan Barbie, Alice and Toddla T

Ever wonder what cultural events are going on in Cambridge? Look no further, as we highlight Cambridge’s hottest venues

Why Europe matters

Cärlchen Jupp takes exception to the characterisation of the European Elections as ‘not relevant enough for Cam’.

TabTV Visits: Make This Space

TabTV and HUNTER ALLEN pay a visit to Make This Space, Cambridge’s newest interactive art exhibition.

Theatre: A Scientist Speaks

MAHDI TAQI is reintroduced to the arts, culminating in seeing his first play – and thinks more sceptical science students could benefit from doing the same.

Ladies’ First?

REANNE MACKENZIE thinks the Cambridge system is biased against girls. What do you think?

Deepening the Divide

Why studying the arts until 16 could spell disaster.

Cambridge Graffiti

CATHERINE MOUSDALE AND MAX FAYERS took to Cambridge’s streets and toilet cubicles – not in a weird way – in order to find some of the town’s most creative and bewildering graffiti.