The silver lining of a blue week

Why it’s possible to not only survive, but to thrive in Week 5

As we welcome the final day of week five, there’s no denying that it’s been a challenging seven days for everyone, especially during Lent term.

But, it’s nice to see the good in every week here. As this week slowly fades away, here’s how it can appear a little less blue, especially because Pancake Day fell during it this time round.

Lent Term x Week five = a lethal combo (Image credit: author’s own screenshot via @2Cam2Fess)

The sympathy

Speaking from my own experience, DoSes, supervisors and lecturers are a lot more sympathetic during week five than any other week (maybe that’s just MML though lol).

Anything and everything goes in these seven days which transcend time and space: excuses have more power, lateness is more acceptable and people just simply lose the plot. The university as a whole realising it’s a tough week for everyone ironically means there should be less external pressure to work at your usual potential, even though it may not feel like it.

The dream (Image credit: author’s own screenshot via @2Cam2Fess)

A case of the ‘f*ck its’

As the week draws to a close and most people have gotten over the hump, there seems to be a tradition of people rewarding themselves in a variety of ways for surviving the week, from socially acceptable to shocked but not surprised. This might be the ‘treat’ of going out, spending an obscene amount of money at Nero or doing as this Camfess below has done.


I rate it, no judgement (Image credit: author’s own screenshot via @2Cam2Fess)

I’ll also never forget when they played ‘Blue’ in the club during week five; someone tell them ‘the Blues™’ are not a marketing ploy.

It’s a necessary evil

It’s got to be done. It’s not the nicest experience, but it definitely reminds you that you’re capable of more than you think.

Here’s the much-awaited academic validation you may not have received from your supervisors this week: you’ve survived 100 per cent of your week fives so far, and you are an academic weapon.


It’s all mind games this week (Image credit: author’s own screenshot via @2Cam2Fess)

The weird and wonderful accounts of week five

Cutting corners is a key theme of week five; there’s no time to do anything properly, yet all the time to do rogue things to take the edge off.

Some of the best anecdotes come from the stress of this crazy week, and seeing them posted on Camfess always lightens the blues.

When coffee simply does not do the trick anymore (Image credit: author’s own screenshot via @2Cam2Fess)

‘We’re all in this together’

You’re not alone this week. It’s the Cambridge experience; that is, you working away without a break whilst your friends from other unis enjoy their reading week.

Take it as a time to bond with others over the pains of this fifth week and laugh through the crippling workload because if you don’t, you’ll cry.

From Michaelmas week five: can you tell? (Image credit: Be.Real/aliciamcdowell)

And you’re over the hump

That’s it. Every day in week five is a day over halfway of the term and you’ve made it to the last day.

But don’t wish your life away; one day, the nostalgia of week five will hit just as bad as lockdown nostalgia.

Week 6: I’ve been waiting for this one, turn it up!

If you or someone you know has been affected by this story, please speak to someone or contact Samaritans on 116 123 at any time. You can also contact Anxiety UK on 03444 775 774, Mind on 0300 123 3393, and Calm (Campaign against living miserably) on 0800 58 58 58. 

Featured image credit: Patrick Dolan

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