A definitive rating of the best charity shops in the city to secure THE Bristol look

Happy shopping you ethical beauties


Lacking in skinny scarfs? Running low on ugly tops that could pass as Y2K? Is the student loan depleting rapidly? The only solution is to go on a charity shopping spree. There are so many options in Bristol that are better than Cotham Mind, you just have to be prepared to look for them. To save you some hassle we’ve rated the best charity shops on offer.

Gloucester Road

Let’s get the obvious out of the way first. The myriad second-hand shops on Gloucester Road are guaranteed to provide some classic Bristol essentials. Think oversized fur coats, low-waisted jeans, and art teacher accessories galore.

There are 15+ charity shops on this almightly stretch which are much cheaper and bigger than more central shops. Bigger shop floors = more space for bric-a-brac, art and homeware, a yay for all hoarders of trinkets like me. Shoutouts go to:


Shelter is one of the largest charity shops on Gloucester Road and their range is heavenly; you can simultaneously shop for house decor and winter garms.

Price: 4/5

Range: 5/5

Uniqueness/vintage: 3/5

St. Peter’s Hospice

The cleanliness and curation of St Peter’s Hospice will only add to your shopping experience. The shop floor is spacious shop floor and adorned with colour-coordinated racks of goodness. Their scarf collection is also top-tier.

Price: 3/5

Range: 3/5

Uniqueness/vintage: 3/5

Revival Market, Bedminster

Perhaps one you will not have heard of, the Revival Market in Bedminster is an independent trader’s market home to truly unique pieces. The perfect place to bolster your scarf collection or your miniature Smurf figurine collection (we know you have one), the revival market is a cheap option to help you on your way to achieving the Bristol look.

Price: 4/5

Range: 5/5

Uniqueness/vintage: 4/5

Cotham Hill

A more central option is Cotham Hill, a quaint little area frequently glorified on the TikTok pages of Bristol girlies. Cotham hill will not disappoint whether one is on the hunt for overpriced coffee, homegrown veg and of course, Jane Norman and vintage Debenhams.

Home to an Oxfam, Mind and Bristol’s BEST branch of Brandon trust, your desire for Vinted topping finds will undoubtedly be satisfied. However, it must be noted the charity shops here are definitely a victim of Bristol girlie gentrification because the prices are expensive and the shops are often raided by Depop sellers. Still, if you’re looking for a post-seminar browse it does the job perfectly.


Of course, this branch of Oxfam does not lack in what Oxfam does best: Books. Grab one to enjoy whilst sipping your £3.5o flat white. There is also a great chance of finding the perfect knit jumper to live out your frazzled English woman dreams. Think oversized sweater, a tatty copy of Little Woman, and a cappuccino in a reusable Waitrose cup.

Price:  3/5

Range:  3/5

Uniqueness/vintage: 2/5

Brandon trust

This branch of the Brandon trust may be in the running for the best Bristol charity shop of all time. It’s pricing lets it down slightly but the delightful experience compensates; their curated racks make the perfect place for formal dress shopping.

Price: 2/5

Range 3/5

Uniqueness/vintage: 4/5


Half of the delight of shopping in Mind is being in the company of the elderly women who run the shop. Their stock is also top tier with pretty big brands like Urban Outfitters often found. It is the perfect place to buy going-out tops that will get wrecked on the triangle.

Price: 2/5

Range: 3/5

Uniqueness/vintage: 3/5

Clifton Village

Clifton village, as well as being the home of overpriced sausage rolls, is also a place of beautiful antique shops. Focus on the past, located on Waterloo Street, is the closest one will get to a time machine, adorned with wartime magazines, eclectic jewellery and impressive vintage clothing; you would be silly to not explore this treasure trove.

Surprisingly for Clifton, the prices are not extortionate; there is really no better way to spend a Sunday than strolling through this pretty neighbourhood and hunting for treasure in the antique shops.

Of course, there are also plenty of charity shops selling the neglected clothes of Bristol’s upper class (fur coat galore) but the antique shops really are unbeatable.

Price: 3/5

Range: 4/5


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