Goodbye Car Park 12: SU moves house to the other side of campus

They’ve gone and done it again

If you went to the Aston Student Union Annual Members meeting you’ll already know that the Student’s Union is up and moving house – all the way to the other side of campus.

As if it wasn’t enough that we got a new entrance area and green space following the demolition of the old Stafford accommodation block, Aston is now getting another new addition.

Not content with the old viscomm building by the expressway, the SU is moving to a much more public location.

Anyone¬†exceptionally attached to Car Park 12 because now might be the time to say your last goodbyes. Although currently still a car park, it’s soon to play host to the Students’ Union building.

For those of you who aren’t experts on the campus layout this means the new building will be between the ASV astro pitch and the lake.


Use your imagination

This is a change to the original plans to house the new union off-campus. Reasons behind this move stemmed from the fact that apparently the Union building wasn’t visible enough and students didn’t know where it was according to a survey of 1,200.

Of course nobody said this was going to be cheap. The budget assigned to the construction of the new building comes in at a whopping £5.7 million.

Final year Optometry student Steven Whatley didn’t seem too keen on the idea describing the decision as ‘mental’. He said:¬†“There isn’t enough room in the car park for the new building.”

Concerns remain over where Papa Johns pizza delivery will park when students order pizza to campus.


We miss it already

The Student’s Union had no comment on the progress of their new accommodation.

Are you excited about the new Union building? If you’re Papa Johns fan, we’re guessing probably not.

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