The Boys Sister Sage theory

This wild The Boys theory hints Sister Sage is actually targeting Ryan after all

I just don’t believe she’s on the same side of Homelander tbh

Sister Sage is one of the most fascinating characters on The Boys right now. The supe, whose power is that she’s the smartest person in the world as well as having a regenerative brain should it be damaged, is one who was created specifically for the TV show version of The Boys. She gives nothing away, and she’s morally ambiguous. It seems despite the fact she’s aligned with Homelander and the Seven right now, she works for no agenda but her own. There are a load of theories on what she’s actually up to in The Boys season four, but this Sister Sage theory suggests the target is actually Ryan.

Here’s a full rundown of what people think Sister Sage is actually up to on The Boys, and why she’s the character so many have a theory on.

She has gone along with stuff she was against

Sister Sage never wanted to be a fully fledged member of the Seven with all the fame that comes with, and yet conceded for Homelander. People think the reason why she did this was to get closer to her actual target.

This season of The Boys has shown more of Ryan as Homelander’s son and what he’s going through ethically and morally as he feels conflicted with the violence that surrounds his father and the Seven. The theory on The Boys series four suggests Sister Sage is actually working to saving Ryan from this fate by getting him ready to take on his father as he might actually be the key to defeating him. This would make a lot of sense, as Sister Sage seems so smart she’s probably always working one step ahead.

Sister Sage also pushed back against any plans to make Ryan’s hero vibe too similar to Homelander and wanted him to have his own identity.

Ryan is powerful property in The Boys season four, and someone as intelligent as Sister Sage knows this – most fans are theorising she’s actually got a masterplan to save Ryan from being just like his father and potentially being a force for good instead. Although as the weeks go by, it’s hard to see Sage as anything other than evil with the amount of violence she’s allowing and aligning herself with.

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