House Dragon Daemon Night King

There’s a wild House of the Dragon theory that Daemon might actually be the Night King

I won’t lie I’m pretty convinced

There are lots of wild House of the Dragon theories out there, but one of the wildest has to be that Daemon actually ends up being the Night King in Game of Thrones. Now before you throw away your phone in horror, hear me out because it’s actually a lot more convincing than you might first think. If you haven’t watched Game of Thrones and don’t know who the Night King is, he’s basically the biggest bad guy there is. He is the leader of the White Walkers, a group of undead whose main goal is to kill every human and their threat to Westeros grows as Game of Thrones goes on.

Whilst we know the Night King used to be a mortal man, we are never explicitly told who he used to be or when he was created. Due to some of the mystery surrounding the death of Daemon in House of the Dragon, many fans think he could actually be the Night King himself.


First off, there are a lot of similarities in terms of how the two look, with fans on TikTok pointing out how similar to each other they both look, perhaps because they’re one and the same. It’s also seen in Game of Thrones that the Night King is immune to being burned by fire, something that is a key characteristic of a true Targaryen.

House Dragon Daemon Night King


In the House of the Dragon books, Daemon is eventually killed during an epic dragon battle with Aemond, where he stabs his nephew through the eye and kills him. However, in doing so Daemon also falls off his dragon into a massive lake and his body is never found. Fans think the deliberate mystery of his body never being found means he was taken by the children of the forest and turned into the Night King. When the Night King does eventually ride a dragon he seems like a natural at it, and surprise surprise so was Daemon…

Whilst we’ll probably never get confirmation of who the man was who got turned into the Night King, Daemon certainly seems as good an option as any!

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