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Quiz: Only a royal expert can guess where all the Royal Family actually went to uni

Odds on Kate going back to study graphic design x

Whether you’re a Royal Family fan or not, we can’t escape them right now given all the rumours and conspiracy theories flying around about Kate and her whereabouts. It started with public concern after she hadn’t been spotted since Christmas Day. Then, in an attempt to quash the rumours the Royal Family released a photo on Mother’s Day. But this only raised suspicion when everyone realised it was actually photoshopped. Kate released a statement and the rumour mill has been flying off its hinges ever since.

But since we’ve just learned about Kate’s hidden love for photography and photo editing, what about her other interests? Namely, what and where she studied at uni. And what about the rest of the Royals? Do you have a hope of bumping into one on the way to the library, or maybe you didn’t even know that someone 167th in line for the throne sat in the same smelly lecture halls as you? How well do you know where the Royal Family got their degrees?

So from Kate Middleton or King Charles to the Marchioness of Cholmondeley, take this quiz and guess where all the Royal Family went to uni:

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