Kate editing errors

Kate has admitted she edited it, so here are all the dodgy editing errors in *that* photo

Big yikes!

Okay so, Kate Middleton has just confirmed that the photo that sent the whole internet into a spiral this weekend is actually edited.

Yesterday, The Prince and Princess of Wales shared a new photo of their family to celebrate Mother’s Day and to try and calm the frenzy and conspiracies that have been floating around everywhere. But it actually ended up adding way more fuel to the fire after everyone became convinced the photo was either AI or edited.

This caused major news agencies Reuters, Associated Press (AP), Getty Images and Agence France-Presse (AFP) to tell media outlets to “kill” the photo from their systems and archives. AP told Sky News the photo shows an “inconsistency in the alignment of Princess Charlotte’s left hand”.

But now Kate has just admitted the photo was edited, saying in a statement: “Like many amateur photographers, I do occasionally experiment with editing. I wanted to express my apologies for any confusion the family photograph we shared yesterday caused. I hope everyone celebrating had a very happy Mother’s Day. C.”

So, to celebrate the work of everyone’s new favourite amateur photographer, here are all the botched editing errors people have found in THAT Royal Family photo:

1. Prince Louis’ hand

One of the weirdest parts of the whole photo is everyone’s hands. This is what first caused all the mass conspiracies. AI is known to not be able to produce reliable images of hands and so people ran to the conclusion that because of Louis’ weirdly distorted hand, the picture must be AI-generated. Others pointed out how the wall is also weirdly wiggly and not straight, you know, as you’d expect a normal wall at a palace to be?

2. Charlotte’s sleeve

People have claimed that part of Charlotte’s wrist is missing and her cardigan sleeve almost seems to jut out after her wrist ends.

3. Kate’s zip not lining up

One of the biggest Kate editing errors people have pointed out is that the zip on her jumper doesn’t actually seem to line up properly.

4. Charlotte’s skirt extends out beyond her actual body

Another possible editing error is Charlotte’s skirt which seems to jut out further than her actual body and looks placed on rather than her actually wearing it.

5. Dodgy pattern on Louis’ jumper

The pattern on Louis’ jumper seems to be inconsistent and does not line up. Someone on Twitter suggested that this would be practically impossible with a manufactured jumper like this.

6. No wedding ring

Princess Kate is not wearing her wedding ring in the photo, something which people online have pointed out seems suspicious.

7. Charlotte’s hair

Charlotte’s hair is another part of the photo which people have been questioning as it appears to just cut and fade out, ending quite abruptly.

8. The leaves

One of the first things people were quick to point out was the colour of the leaves in the background. Many people were shocked at the tree being in full bloom despite it only being early March.

9. The wiggly door

Kate editing errors

So this very much could be a dodgy paint job, but many have pointed out how the door behind them seems to look very off, almost wiggly.

10. Kate’s hair

Kate editing errors

Another of the Kate editing errors, others have pointed out how Kate’s hair seems to be uneven and almost fades into George at the top.

11. Kate’s blurry hand

Kate editing errors

People were quick to point out how on one hand, Kate is missing her wedding ring, but the other hand around Louis appears to be very blurry and does not match the quality of the rest of the photo.

12. George’s hands

Kate editing errors

Another seeming hand error, people have pointed out that George’s hands are also in a strange position and suggested his fingers looked somewhat edited.

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