‘I’m over it’: Everything Peggy and Georges have said in their messy post MAFS UK split

There have been cheating accusations and constant Instagram statements

Following MAFS UK 2023 came the shocking news that couple Peggy and Georges had split up. They got married on the show, and despite their ups and downs, in the final episode and reunion said they were still together and going strong.

However, just three months after the final episode aired on TV, the couple said they had parted ways, and things soon got messy. There were accusations of cheating, blindsiding in Instagram statements, as both Peggy and Georges went to the tabloids to have their say on what went down.

Here’s a rundown of everything that’s been said since Peggy and Georges from MAFS UK 2023 announced their split.

Peggy and Georges from MAFS UK 2023 have split up

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Peggy and Georges announced they had split three months after MAFS UK 2023 aired

In February 2024, just days after talking about marriage and kids in an interview, MAFS UK 2023 couple Peggy and Georges announced they had split up.

In an Instagram story, Peggy said: “I’m so sorry I’ve been quiet on socials everybody but there’s a reason for my silence. Me and Georges are no longer together and I’m absolutely heartbroken.

“It’s affected my mental health and it’s taken me weeks to come to terms with it but with it being Valentine’s Day, I can’t pretend I’m okay. Thanks to everyone who has supported us and our journey, nobody is more upset about it than me.”

Georges then also confirmed the news, but said in his statement he hadn’t been expecting Peggy to post publicly about it. He wrote on his Instagram story: “Wasn’t expecting a statement from Peggy regarding this situation. I’m heartbroken by our breakup and also trying to come to terms with life without Peggy. I appreciate a lot of you have questions but I won’t be talking about this situation as of yet. Also thank you for the messages of support.”

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Georges then called Peggy a ‘calculated manipulator’

Georges then really started to speak out, and branded his ex a “calculated manipulator” and revealed what he said was the real reason behind their breakup. He said they had meant to post a joint statement about the breakup, and he had still sent Peggy Valentine’s gifts, but got nothing in return.

“We said we were going to do it together,” he said. “The next thing I know she’s putting out a statement on Valentine’s Day, on purpose. It’s obvious she has done that on purpose. It is calculated. I sent her flowers, a card and balloons for Valentine’s… I checked my letterbox yesterday and I got nothing.”

He said he’d been “struggling a lot recently” mentally, and added: “Peggy realised that something wasn’t right and when we got back from Paris, we spoke on January 30th, and she asked whether everything was okay with us. I have never been so confused in my life, I wasn’t sure if it was our relationship, me or just life, I couldn’t put my finger on it. I sent her such a long message I was weeping with tears, and I don’t usually do that… I knew we had broken up because of how the conversation went.

“No one ended anything, we didn’t say, ‘this is over’, just the way the conversation went on the phone, it seemed like it was over. I never wanted to dump her. I am such an optimist in life because until it’s over, I never think it is. I told her, ‘I don’t want this to end, I just needed some time and space because I’m not very well mentally and I’m not happy.’”

He said the pair “never saw” one another after MAFS, and said Peggy never came to his home, they had to meet up at her family home or a hotel. “I get it… she’s probably used to men with apartments in Chelsea that earn six-figures, but I do have a nice place,” he said.

Peggy and Georges from MAFS UK 2023 have split up

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Georges accused Peggy of ending the relationship to be on TOWIE

Georges also said a huge reason things didn’t work out was because Peggy wanted to be on TOWIE, but to do so she had to be single. “TOWIE really wants her,” he said. “She turned them down because she was in a relationship with me because they want her single… but I’m pretty sure she will be on their books now. She lives in Kent and hangs out with all of that lot.”

A spokesperson for Peggy said she tried to handle the situation ‘amicably’

A spokesperson for Peggy said: “After Georges expressed his desire to end his relationship with Peggy, she made every effort to handle the situation amicably and comply with his wishes. She requested that they issue a joint statement, and she has been persistently asking him to do so for the past two weeks, despite his continuous disregard for her request. It should be noted that she had no intentions of selling her story, and instead opted to release her own statement.”

Thomas piped up and said he was shocked by the split

Thomas then waded into the drama of his MAFS mates Georges and Peggy’s breakup, saying in an interview with FUBAR Radio that he was “brutally shocked” by it all.

“One of the boys sent me a screenshot saying they’d broken up and I literally spoke to Georges yesterday and he told me nothing,” he said. “I was so brutally shocked. It’s a shame they ended.”

He added: “I am quite close with Georges and he didn’t tell me and apparently they’ve been broken up for weeks so that was a surprise for me. I’ve been very open to him so I’m surprised he didn’t open up about that because if my person broke up with me, I would have been devastated and I would have told my mates.”

Then Peggy said she thought Georges cheated with his ex, which he said was rubbish

Things then got even more messy when Peggy shared her side of the story, and said she suspected Georges of “being unfaithful” to her, accusations which Georges strongly denied as “image damaging” and “slander.”

She said Georges ended things with her, and him saying he didn’t know anything about her original Instagram post was “rubbish”. She told The Sun: “I never wanted to do a story about our relationship. I wanted to remain dignified but after he made up all that rubbish about me, I just want everyone to know the truth. I was heartbroken.”

Georges has denied being unfaithful, but Peggy said she first got suspicions he might have been when he went to an event with his ex. She said after the event she offered to meet Georges at his hotel, but he had asked her not to.

“He denied spending the night with her [his ex],” Peggy said. “I was crying my eyes out. At this point I didn’t know it was his ex-girlfriend!”

She also said Georges had been “distant” with her, and stopped messaging her back as much. Peggy said she had been planning to propose later this year, as it’s a leap year.

In an Instagram post, Georges said: “A story has come out from The Sun which is factually incorrect in so many ways, the article that has been put out is slander and also image damaging. I’m also surprised by the depths of which Peggy has gone to lie about our situation when all I gave was love to our relationship.

“I have never been unfaithful to Peggy, I never lied, and these statements are untrue and leave my heartbroken even more than I already am. I never wanted our relationship to end and always defended Peggy even when her actions were unacceptable but these actions have proved that the relationship ending was the best thing for me.”

Peggy and Georges from MAFS UK 2023 have split up

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Peggy said there’s no truth to the TOWIE rumours

Peggy has completely dismissed the idea her and Georges broke up because she is going on TOWIE, calling the rumour “more lies and excuses”. She said she is friends with some of the TOWIE cast members, and there’s nothing more to it.

In an Instagram Q&A, Georges said he’s ‘over it all’

Ahead of the new bonus MAFS UK 2023 reunion episode airing, Georges has done an Q&A on Instagram and spoken a bit more about his split from Peggy. During it, he said he’s “not really” looking forward to the show, which was filmed in November, going out on TV. “I think I’m past it now,” he said. “I think I’m over it all.”

He said despite it not working out for him, he’s still pro the experiment and said he put “time and effort” into his relationship with Peggy, so “it’s a shame” it didn’t work out. “I lost myself really,” he added.

He added he’s feeling better every day, and is glad viewers will enjoy seeing the “final chapter” of the show during the new reunion. “A weight has been lifted off my shoulders,” he said.

Wow, I need to sit down.

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